Florida residents will be able to buy a Walt Disney World 50th license plate supporting Make-A-Wish

13 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Disney has today announced that it plans to produce a Florida State specialty license plate in honor of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary. 

Proceeds from the sale of the plate will go to Make-A-Wish of Central and Northern Florida.

The design of this specialty plate will be revealed at a later date, but interested car owners can purchase a presale voucher now for $25 plus applicable state administration fees through local County Tax Collector’s offices and license plate agencies (DMVs) across the State of Florida.

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Article Posted: Oct 16, 2020 / 12:29pm ET
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MonorailCoral11 days ago


LAKid5311 days ago

Here's the timeline: 1. Organization has 60 days after approval of speciality tag to submit artwork to HSMV for approval. The clock started when the law creating the tag went into effect on October 1st. 2. Within 120 days after the law approving the speciality tag goes into effect, HSMV has to establish a method to issue a voucher to allow for presale of the tag. 3. Once #2 is done, the approved specialty license plate organization has 24 months to certify minimum number of vouchers (3,000) have been sold. Which means vouchers will go on sale February 1, 2021 at the latest and production of the plate won't begin until February 1, 2023, at the latest. Additional fees, on top of the established tax for a motor vehicle are: a. Annual $5 processing fee for HSMV (used to be $2) b. Annual specialty tag fee of $25 c. A $10 new physical tag fee to be paid every 5 years from the date of purchasing a new tag. Florida swaps out the physical license plate every 5 years. If you decide to switch from your existing tag to a new one, you'll pay the $10 at that time. So start saving those pennies.

LAKid5311 days ago

Here's the statutory language: "(b) If the Legislature has approved 150 or more specialty license plates, the department may not make any new specialty license plates available for design or issuance until a sufficient number of plates are discontinued pursuant to s. 320.08056(8) such that the number of plates being issued does not exceed 150. Notwithstanding s. 320.08056(8)(a), the 150-license-plate limit includes license plates above the minimum sales threshold and those exempt from that threshold."

MonorailCoral11 days ago

150 is the total number of in-production plates which can be actively for sale at any one time, or the total number of potential-new plates in which pre-sale vouchers can be actively for sale at any one time?

LAKid5311 days ago

Which you'll lose when you move.

LAKid5311 days ago

As of October 1st, the pre-sale requirement was raised from 1,000 to 3,000. And the number of approved available for sale speciality plates will be capped at 150.

James11 days ago

And only one that matters :p

LAKid5311 days ago

There are currently 122 speciality plates available in Florida.

LAKid5311 days ago

The State of Florida didn't work with TWDC to create this. Groups that want a speciality license plate in Florida need to pay the statutory fee, collect enough signatures and pre-orders and get HSMV approval for the design.

disneygeek9012 days ago

Veryyyy interested in this

JoeCamel12 days ago

25000 I believe

MonorailCoral12 days ago

In other news, presale vouchers are also now available for Florida Specialty Plates featuring the University of Georgia, the University of Alabama, and Auburn University. No, I am not kidding. (There are about 40 total new potential Florida plates in which presale vouchers can be purchased...A minimum number must be sold for the plate to go into production.)

DisneyDebRob13 days ago

Hey.. that stud muffin plate I got took half my weekend salary to buy! 😃

"El Scorpion"13 days ago

Was that you?