How much is the Magic Kingdom worth?

Jun 14, 2017 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday June 14, 2017 1:55pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests visiting Walt Disney World often wonder just how much the property is worth, and thanks to a recent lawsuit, we have an idea of their market values.

Orange County Appraisers have put a value of $437 million on the Magic Kingdom, $446 million on Epcot, and $339 million on Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Outside of the parks, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is assessed at $153 million, and Caribbean Beach Resort at $209 million.

According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, Disney has filed multiple lawsuits in Orange Circuit Court, arguing that the assessments have been valued above their fair market value.

In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, Disney said, “The increases in the assessments of our property are unreasonable and unjustified.” “Similar to other property owners in Orange County, we have no choice but to take action to dispute these errors by the property appraiser. We look forward to presenting our case in court.”

Sea World and Universal are filing similar arguments.

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monothingieJun 27, 2017

@jakeman turn off the adult content filters and search again.

Me 'EartiesJun 27, 2017

Interesting...if you do a search on this forum for Igervilles, it has been said by you only. And since the google search turned up nothing, you must be the expert on Igervilles-please do explain.

RumrunnerJun 27, 2017

I would say Google the value of entry level jobs for future success in life and draw your own conclusions.

Andrew CJun 27, 2017

lol....I like how this forum comes up. Wonder who originally said it here...

jakemanJun 27, 2017

ford91exploderJun 27, 2017

Google the term 'Igervilles' - and draw you own conclusions as to Disney's business model

RumrunnerJun 27, 2017

I would think most of the CM at Disney are college kids or young adults trying to gain experience. If an adult is working for meager wages at Disney and attempting to support a family I would say that is their problem. That is not the purpose of entry level jobs. Probably many Disney jobs are entry level jobs with the hopes of improving job skills and moving up the economic ladder thru experience and expertise and I suspect many people have moved up the ladder at Disney.

RumrunnerJun 27, 2017

Unfortunately if the county raises taxes the businesses just pass them on to the consumers. With all of the revenue Disney and others theme parks generate I would think the county would appreciate such cash cows. None of us use much of county services while visiting and none of us use the school systems, etc. Sounds like the govt has become rather greedy and the patrons will have to pay.

RumrunnerJun 27, 2017

Cosmic CommandoJun 17, 2017

Can't feel too bad for the county... imagine all the money that flows in from bed tax, sales tax, rental cars, etc.

DVC MikeJun 17, 2017

Looking at the hotels, there are three approaches used in a property tax appraisal: the cost approach, the sales comparison approach, and the income capitalization approach. And the income capitalization approach is a preferred approach in valuation of hotels for property tax purposes. So, Singh's approach seems fine. Disney’s argument seems to be that Singh incorrectly “included the value of certain intangible property in the assessments”. Several recent appeals of hotel appraisals are taking this approach. The assessor is required to identify, value and exclude the value of any intangible assets from the calculation. They are appealing the assessor’s methodology saying he didn’t remove all intangible assets and rights.

POLY LOVERJun 17, 2017

They should be taxed their fair share but not more. Let's not kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

ford91exploderJun 16, 2017

Commericial property is worth whatever the assessor says its worth, It's up to the owner to fight the assessment in the appeals board if that fails in court

ford91exploderJun 16, 2017

The limit was set by 'eligible for government benefits' that generally is defined as income below the poverty line