PHOTO - New Magic Kingdom Auto Plaza bypass ramp opens November 14

Nov 13, 2017 in "Magic Kingdom"

Traveling Northbound along World Drive should be a little easier from November 14 as the new Auto Plaza bypass ramp opens.

Drivers heading northbound on World Drive towards the Magic Kingdom area resorts will no longer need to pass through the Magic Kingdom Auto Plaza.

Instead, a new ramp will take traffic from the far right lane of World rive before the Auto Plaza to an intersection on Vista Blvd. From there, drivers can either go left towards the Magic Kingdom resorts, or right towards Fort Wilderness.

Guests parking at the TTC will continue to the Auto Plaza as normal.

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Article Posted: Nov 13, 2017 / 10:35am EDT
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msteelSep 10, 2020

So, it looks like Reedy Creek Improvement District is building Phase II (partially) on an easement granted by Disney. I'm curious if either Phase I or the existing road being replaced were built under the same type of agreement? Interesting also that the easement includes a significant portion of the parking lot.

JoeCamelSep 10, 2020

NIce, I wish they all were as complete as that. I like NoC's but this has meat!

SteamboatJoeSep 10, 2020

What color were they? Each color means something different:

Walt dSep 09, 2020

danlb_2000Sep 09, 2020

New permit for Phase 2 of this project. Expires 12/22/2022. World Drive - World Drive North Phase II Construction

halltdAug 29, 2020

Technically only the pavement will be 19 acres. :)

castlecake2.0Aug 29, 2020

driving down Floridian Way today there were quite a lot of little flags in the ground between seven seas dr and the car care center so it looks like they’re working on but not sure how far that’ll go. Never thought this road needed it as much as world drive did.

peter11435Aug 29, 2020

The new exit layout and eventual widening of Floridian way should still happen. Last I knew the New MK toll plaza was not happening

marni1971Aug 29, 2020

I imagine the new exit road layout from MK parking. The original endgame was for a new MK toll plaza and the duelling of Floridian Way from Car Care up to the new north Entrance. If this still happens I don’t know.

castlecake2.0Aug 29, 2020

I guess I meant does anyone know what phase three entails lol

marni1971Aug 29, 2020

World Drive North phase 3 will be 19 acres.

castlecake2.0Aug 29, 2020

Anyone able to translate this?

RteetzMar 21, 2020

TheVisionarySoulJan 08, 2020

They've always been a bright orange. It just seems more orange because all the other lights were replaced to not be as orange.