Sales of Disney Dollars ending May 14

May 13, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday May 13, 2016 8:17am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will stop selling Disney Dollars after May 14 2016.

Available for purchase in $1, $5 and $10 denominations, Disney Dollars feature a unique character design and have been used in the past to mark special events and occasions.

Although Disney Dollars will no longer be sold, they will continue to be accepted as a form of payment at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort and Disney Store locations.

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saibasabuSep 03, 2016

Ah good. I've got a crisp Disney Dollar from 1990 that I've kept around since birth. Always thought about spending it but thought "what good is $1 going to do?". Nice classic Disney art design too. If it becomes a collectors item, maybe it'll be worth something someday. 50 years or so but still.

seabreezept813Sep 02, 2016

At least they have gift cards. We get the discounted ones at BJs and savor paying $3 less.

TinkwingsSep 02, 2016

Darn, I always have some around for fun bookmarks....puts a smile on my face each time I open and close my book. :)

asianwayMay 17, 2016

Not knowing how to spell "Dalmatian" on a recent redesign didn't help I'm sure

halltdMay 17, 2016

They have no expiration date. So, you can use them until Disney goes out of business (at least they've said they're good forever). I guess they could always change their minds later. But, since they still honor original WDW park tickets, I doubt they'd stop accepting Disney Dollars.

admiral-ari-xMay 16, 2016

So they can still be spent, right? No matter what the year? If I had a 100 lying around somewhere, I would hope that it still worked.

ford91exploderMay 16, 2016


anchorman314May 16, 2016

Nope. Still against the law to have expiration dates and service fees in both FL and CA.

ford91exploderMay 16, 2016

And since we know that financial engineering is considered more important than guest satisfaction well the demise of the Disney Dollar is obvious, Note down the road UNI is STILL quite happily selling "Wizarding Money" and even has a complete storefront with an absolutely amazing interactive Goblin AA to sell the Wizarding money (which we bought as a gift for some hardcore HP fan friends of ours) and yes the wizarding money can be spent in UNI parks. Makes you wonder just how bad financially off Disney is when they need to eliminate a tiny liability like the Disney Dollar. Do the gift cards expire now? and is that why they are still being sold?.

Monorail_Red_77May 16, 2016

I was at WDW this past Saturday and the only place that was left to purchase any denomination of Disney Dollars was at EPCOT. They only had Stitch $10 bills. Guess they were popular after all. Now if you want them you'll have to pay almost triple value on average on EBay.

Monorail_Red_77May 16, 2016

Too bad the Disney Dollars could not have stuck around another year. 2017 would have been the 30th anniversary. Could have went out with a bang. Oh well. We all know how Disney treats anniversaries theses days, except DL 60th of course. Cupcake anyone? LOL Disney Dollars are yet another thing Disney Collectors like to collect. I myself have quite a few different ones. Not a big collection though. I also have a MAPO property sticker that I recently purchased. A little bit of Disney History of my own. Not to mention a few pieces of WDW and DL restaurant china in near mint condition.

awilliams4May 16, 2016

We purchased another $150 on Saturday. We have somewhere in the $800 range. We will use them. Probably around $25+ a year for the next 25 years or so. They are fun to give to children to use.

dreamfinderMay 16, 2016

Is it really any different than anything else someone would purchase that isn't essential to survival? The designs on some of the Disney Dollars were kinda cool. So paying $5 for a dollar sized piece of hangable art isn't any different than hanging a postcard on your wall at current Disney postcard prices. Or framing the different denominations in a given series ($1, 5, 10, etc) could easy be hung up instead of a poster or lithograph. And heck, I wouldn't be shocked if a bunch of forum members came out to say they had E tickets hanging on their wall somewhere, and those cost what, 80 cents when issued? I do have to admit, I can't say I ever saw anyone getting Disney Dollars back in change, or ever getting non-new Disney Dollars at Disney. It's almost like they spent the extra few cents on the double sided printing instead of doing paper gift certificates, and tossed them away once redeemed.

GoofyernmostMay 15, 2016

And Disney wins $25.00 in reality. Sure it shows up as a liability on the books, but, it is a liability that will never have to be paid back.