Walt Disney World Resort honors the Centennial of the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division

Aug 11, 2017 in "Magic Kingdom"

U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division Celebrated at Walt Disney World
Posted: Friday August 11, 2017 8:21am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

More than 130 veterans and soldiers yesterday during a special flag retreat ceremony, honoring the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army’s centennial year.

“As a company founded by two brothers who served their nation in uniform during World War I, Disney has always had a strong connection to the armed services and looks for ways to show our support of active-duty military, veterans and their families,” said Dan Cockerell, vice president of Magic Kingdom Park.

With the 82nd Airborne Division commemorating its centennial year at the National Association Convention in Orlando earlier this week, Disney took the opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of those who have bravely served in uniform since World War I.

Among the veterans attending the flag retreat ceremony this evening at Walt Disney World Resort was 89-year-old Mel Greene. Greene joined the division after World War II and, following his service, continued to support active-duty 82nd Airborne soldiers. During tonight’s event, Greene learned he will be this year’s recipient of The All-American Medal of Honor—an annual award given to an 82nd Airborne veteran for distinguished service to this elite division.

“I was overwhelmed,” Greene said. I can’t believe that I’m getting that award tonight, because it’s the highest award that the Airborne gives every year. And I don’t know if I even deserve it or not.”

Following the ceremony, the 82nd Airborne Division completed a unit march down Main Street, U.S.A. The division’s 16-member chorus and brass quintet band also delighted guests earlier in the day with musical performances in Liberty Square and Town Square.

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larryzAug 11, 2017

In honor of the 82nd: hoo-ah.

wdwmagicAug 11, 2017

Walt Disney World Resort honors the Centennial of the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division

John park hopperAug 05, 2017

As Vietnam vet I truely appreciate Disney recognizeing those who served and those who are presently serving. To the 82nd airborne you have a long proud history, a thumbs up and a salute to you all.

ZipitidodaAug 04, 2017

I think this is what makes Disney special. I wish I was there to watch it.

rodserling27Aug 04, 2017

Hey, I will be at WDW that whole week - too cool! Thanks for the news! Looking forward to hearing the groups perform!