PHOTOS - New merchandise location at the Transportation and Ticket Center

Apr 10, 2018 in "Magic Kingdom"

New merchandise kiosk at the TTC
Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018 11:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has expanded the merchandise sales at the Transportation and Ticket Center by opening a new kiosk.

Located just behind the ticket windows, the TTC kiosk offers a range of convenience products such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, keychains and water.

The other TTC merchandise location, Mickey's Gift Station, continues to operate as normal.

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DriverApr 13, 2018

Sorry I took so long, they do have ponchos but they are not on display. You have to ask for them

DriverApr 12, 2018

I'm going in shortly I'll let you know about the ponchos

DriverApr 12, 2018

True but it sat unused for quite some time

ford91exploderApr 12, 2018

Themed after a bus depot with diesel exhaust piped to every room...

wdizneewApr 12, 2018

They should just build a transportation themed DVC hotel right over the TTC. Profit.

ford91exploderApr 12, 2018

I've always thought that Bob Iger and/or Georgie K. would be an EXCELLENT subject for an episode of 'Undercover Boss'. Their day with Custodial would be EPIC.

ford91exploderApr 12, 2018

Eisner's best trait was that he and his managers actually worked in the parks and he visited as a normal guest. So he saw first hand what worked and what did not, The Disney Decades of the 80s and 90s were no accident. Manangement by Walking Around has always worked. The old farmers up here say the best fertilizer is the foot of the owner. Hmm...

Kman101Apr 12, 2018

I agree that the suits have little idea what it's actually like to have worked in a park, and they should, it's ridiculous how detached they are with WDW. And even some who have worked in the parks and worked their way up, seem to enjoy pushing paper and following the status quo.

21stampsApr 12, 2018

Do they sell ponchos as well? I’d think it would be convenient for something like that.. or the hand sanitizer, glasses, sun block, etc. if they had a fuel rod station it would be perfect.

larryzApr 12, 2018

And here comes Maverick, installing a rogue trinket stand over by the monorail ramps...

ford91exploderApr 12, 2018

Its not really, how many TDO executives with decision making power have actually visited or worked in the park as a CM or CP'er. Damn few I'd venture to say, As a result you get stuff like this.

ford91exploderApr 12, 2018

Thats a negative Ghostrider, TTC will not generate enough revenue per square foot to authorize investment.

MrPromeyApr 11, 2018

Security is also in front of where you buy tickets now in the location that used to be the drop-off and queue for the courtesy trams. It's no longer at the entrance to the park itself so yes, this would be after the security checkpoints. This change has been in effect for a while now so I'm guessing maybe we are on the long end of your last 3-5 month visit. Anyway, their point wasn't about security being lax or being tight - only that nothing that can happen here couldn't already happen anywhere else after you get past security.

Cmdr_CrimsonApr 11, 2018

Most of the parks have their little gift shopping either before or after screenings.. Epcot has one adjacent to Guest relations on the outside left of the front gates DHS Has the one shop just before you get to the exit and the Crossroads of the world is another..