Magic Kingdom area Speedway Gas Station closing for lengthy refurbishment next week

Feb 09, 2018 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday February 9, 2018 8:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Speedway Gas Station at the Transportation and Ticket Center near to the Magic Kingdom will be closing for a lengthy refurbishment from next week.

Beginning February 12 2018 and lasting for several weeks, the refurbishment will include a new Speedy Cafe, offering quick service food with both indoor and outdoor seating. Ordering takes place at self service screens, and then each item is freshly made to order. Read more about Speedy Cafe at the Speedway site.

Menu items will include pizzas, paninis, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, frozen yogurt and more.

During the closure, the other Speedway locations at Disney's BoardWalk Resort and Disney Springs will remain open as normal.

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mm121Feb 11, 2018

any word on how this will be accessed once the roadway changes are complete?

Kman101Feb 10, 2018


JoeCamelFeb 10, 2018

Better, they are using "predictive ordering". They will know what you want before you do and have it prepared before you decide to stop.

MisterPenguinFeb 10, 2018

Is their quick serve using mobile online ordering?

LAKid53Feb 10, 2018

runDisney does a great job with hydration stations. And plenty of PoPs at the staging/start/finish areas. Along the race course, until you reach a park, not so much.

larryzFeb 10, 2018

A marathon where I volunteer has hydration stations every mile, and at least 3 (sometimes up to 10) PoP's at each something like 240 or so at the start/finish line. That sounds like a minimum standard to me...

LAKid53Feb 10, 2018

That's my stop on the way home, since I stay in MK resorts. Guess I'll have to now loop back to the one on Buena Vista.

LAKid53Feb 10, 2018

That bathroom manages to show up just when it's needed. runDusney's idea of port-a-potties along the race course is too few and too far between.

NearTheEarsFeb 10, 2018

This sounds great. We stop there frequently, mostly because by the end of the work week I only have half a tank left, and that will get us to property on the weekend, but only about halfway back home. We do pass a new WaWa on our way home now, though and have been stopping there for some hoagies.

HauntedPirateFeb 09, 2018

I'm sure they will have long rows of port-a-potties... ;) :hungover:

LAKid53Feb 09, 2018

There goes my first potty break for the Princess Half.

Club34Feb 09, 2018

Are they taking ADRs yet for the Speedy cafe?

beertikiFeb 09, 2018

Damm, where am I going to find a 32oz can of High Life on property?

Chelsey BorenFeb 09, 2018

Yesss!! QT is life