Themed costume shortage at Walt Disney World means generic substitutions will soon be coming to the theme parks and resorts

11 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday October 8, 2021 2:45pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Themed costumes at Walt Disney World have been in short supply in recent weeks, with Cast Members in some areas wearing mismatched costumes for the area they working.

For example, cast members working in Magic Kingdom attractions have been seen wearing outdoor food service costumes or even parts of guest relation costumes.

At EPCOT some of the old Electric Umbrella and Innoventions costumes have been brought back into service for cast members in World Showcase.

To help bring some order to the substitutions being made in cases of shortages, a new standard generic costume is being made available to be worn as a backup.

The new standard costume is a blue button-up shirt with black pants or shorts.

Priority for supplying themed costumes is being given to classic attractions with high visibility costumes, so you should not see the generic costume in places like Tower of Terror or Haunted Mansion.

It isn't clear what is causing the shortage of themed costumes, but some possibilities include supply issues, laundry servicing delays, and a large influx of new hires.

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castlecake2.04 days ago

Locker rooms are still there for people to change in.

Patcheslee4 days ago

So I've got to ask, did they have locker rooms for people to change in? If so si they get rid of them? That would be the equivalent of DD13 seeing a rockstar outside a concert we didn't attend. CMs, general theme park employees have the best jobs in the world and getting to see them gets her amped up to go to the parks.

Mr. Moderate4 days ago

I hope you're right. I'd hate to see the abandonment of the traditions that made the Disney parks so special. Things have changed so much and not for the better either.

twilight mitsuk4 days ago

Welcome to six flags

castlecake2.04 days ago

I think you’ll see more mix and match options like DAK and some of the resorts have implemented, but I don’t see the polo route coming. Even in Disney stores dying days they still had a costume.

Mr. Moderate4 days ago

It was a joke mixed sarcasm and a dose of reality to come. I once worked at Marriott's Great America in Gurnee Illinois in the early 80's as a teen and they had dress code and costume policy very similar to what Disney had in place and it worked. It was no secret that Marriott copied the Disney parks when building their park in my area in 1976. It was a nice, clean park where families could enjoy experiences somewhat close to what Disneyland has. Once the Marriott corp sold the the park in 1985, the costumes and dress code were phased out over time and the park today is what I described above and a sad shell of what it once was. Most locals like me who remember how it once was, stay away. Not too long ago there was a poster advocating this same policy on the thread where Disney relaxed their requirements on facial hair, etc, and the poster said they should only have to wear a name tag on whatever they choose to wear. I would not be surprised to see Disney in the future do away with costumes and go with an option of Disney branded Polo shirts with a logo and khaki colored shorts and pants. Money rules all in the corporate world and Wall Street and it's more for them, less for those below.

castlecake2.09 days ago

That’s not what’s happening.

Mr. Moderate9 days ago

Maybe it's time Disney just follow the industry leading Six Flags and do away with the uniforms altogether. We had a good run and the past is the past and Walt's ideas have run their course. Buy a bunch of unisex, neutral, Polo style shirts with no logo and make the CM's buy their own khaki pants from Target or Walmart, on their own dime of course, and make it standard across the parks. Maybe if the budget allows it, make the shirts for AK green to give the impression of caring about the planet and make sure to tell the guests the reason why they got rid of costumes is to cut out the process of cleaning the multiple costumes and cut down on global warming. Most of the diehards/pixie dusters will buy anything the company tells them. The CM's then will be responsible for cleaning their own shirts and pants, thus saving the company on water usage and power. It's a win win, I tell ya. I can just see the shareholders rejoicing in glee with the cost cutting.

castlecake2.09 days ago

Did you fill out a blue card? Lol. But yea the shortage is reaching extremes right now. Not even lack of sizing, but lack of anything.

Adrienne Eggert9 days ago

They always have a shortage it has nothing to do with a flux. I worked at Disney Animal Kingdom 3 years ago and they didn’t have the size for half the people working at the location we were working. I normally wear a large and all the had was 2xl and the whole time I worked there they never got my size but got upset with me when I had costume issues or a safety pin would come undone and things started to slip or sag.

_caleb10 days ago

Please don’t make us repeat why they’re all called “Cast Members.”

monorail8110 days ago

I’ve got some pants in the closet that REALLY don’t fit anymore. Wish I had a shirt…

Rich Brownn10 days ago

When I worked at "the other place" on the train, the only vests that fit me were 6-button vests. Usually only 5-button vests were available (which basically came down not quite to the pants). Why there were two designs, I have no idea. But I'd never trade it in unless I made sure a new 6=button was available. That being said, somehow I ended up with my Main Street Jacket from 1977 - long before we could take them home. (Doesn't fit anymore of course - LOL)

castlecake2.011 days ago

That’s correct, the new generic costume is similar to this, but with no logos