Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary license plate raises over $1.5 million for Make-A-Wish and a new design is coming this summer

Mar 08, 2023 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023 5:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary license plate has raised over $1.5 million since its debut in 2021, helping Make-A-Wish create memories for families and children with life-threatening medical conditions. 

Supplies of the 50th license plate are limited, but you can still get yours now through your local County Tax Collector's Office (in person or online) or license plate agencies (DMVs) across the State of Florida.

Disney also revealed that a new Walt Disney World specialty license plate is expected to be launched this summer featuring a Cinderella Castle design.

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mktSep 20, 2023

It's a choice. Some people are to the level of car geekery that their car's license plate needs to match their car, other people don't care. And everything in between. Personally, I view this in the same light as any other license plate that advertises a local tourist destination - just that the destination in this case is WDW. But the fact remains that by Disney allowing their imagery to be used in a license place, Make a Wish has raised $1.5 million that they wouldn't have received otherwise. Also, Universal's IP will be used on an upcoming GKTW license plate if it presells enough.

John park hopperSep 20, 2023

I have to ask myself why would I pay extra for a license plate that advertises WDW for free when they charge me ridiculous prices. Why not just donate directly to Make a Wish

SirwalterraleighSep 20, 2023

It’s almost like the state condones/benefits from wdw being there? 🤔

mktSep 20, 2023

New design was released by the state today, and DMVs will receive them thoughout the week.

RaulrocksJul 26, 2023


monorail81Jul 21, 2023

Which County?

RaulrocksJul 21, 2023

Does anyone know if there's any way to find out the status on your order? I ordered the plate on April 18 and have not received it or heard anything. None of the phone numbers for the DMV or the location I went to are working. Physically going back to the office I ordered from is not exactly convenient. They're only open M-F, 9-5, so I would have to take time off from work to go back.

JohnDMar 09, 2023

True. But I have to renew a plate before it expires, obviously.

SoFloMagicMar 09, 2023

Hmm. Wonder if real castle or pepto castle

mktMar 09, 2023

Or you make a second visit to the tax collectors office when the new plate is released and pay for it?

JoeCamelMar 09, 2023

You could scab for a few months. So many do

JohnDMar 09, 2023

My 50th plate expires next month so won't be able to renew to new plate. Guess I'll just renew this plate this year and decide what I want to do next year.

mktMar 08, 2023

Yay. New plate this summer. And I just replaced my other car's plate with the Orlando City one. Now both cars get new plates, and I get new digits to memorize 😂

wdwmagicMar 08, 2023

Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary license plate raises over $1.5 million for Make-A-Wish and a new design is coming this summer https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/magic-kingdom/news/08mar2023-walt-disney-worlds-50th-anniversary-license-plate-raises-over-$1.5-million-for-make-a-wish-and-a-new-design-is-coming-this-summer.htm