University of Central Florida Knights football team appearing at the Magic Kingdom today

Jan 07, 2018 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Sunday January 7, 2018 9:41am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The University of Central Florida Knights will be honored with a special parade at the Magic Kingdom later today.

Taking place on Main Street, U.S.A. Sunday January 7 at 4:30pm, the parade will celebrate the team's perfect record this season.

Cheerleaders and a marching band will join in the celebrations.

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21stampsJan 10, 2018

I’m not saying this to sound rude, but reading the entire thread- I have to wonder if everyone has realized that the BCS is gone.

21stampsJan 10, 2018

A parade that wasn’t a National Championship parade.. not on Disney’s end. I’ve made “NCAA Football” threads the past 2 years.. you can find comments from a few of us in this thread over there if you’re curious to our reactions of the 4 teams picked for the playoffs and our thoughts on playoff expansion..and there’s even comments about UCF. Only 2 guys in that thread are Bama fans, I’m certainly not.. but Bama is the National Champion team regardless.. no one else has a claim to the title.

tribbleorlflJan 10, 2018

I agree. My intent for this thread was not to have pages of debate on UCF's claim of a national championship, but to discuss the parade. Since it doesn't look like anyone else has any more pictures or videos to post, I've created a new thread under sports to continue the discussion if anyone so desires.

DisneyJayLJan 10, 2018

Exactly. A claim that means next to nothing.

tribbleorlflJan 10, 2018

Admittedly not much, it just strengthens the claim they've already made.

DisneyJayLJan 10, 2018

WHAT? lol In the old BCS, yes, not now.

DisneyJayLJan 10, 2018

See, how Disney did it is far. Celebrate the great season. Just looked at the interview with Scott Frost on ESPN. He isn't claiming UCF won it. I don't know. Just all seems silly. He said he wanted an 8 team playoff. They still don't make it then. You give UCF three to four weeks play someone they may win. They cannot play in the big leagues week in and week out and go through what teams like Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama, heck even Wake Forest, and win like they did in the AAC. I wouldn't expect it and nobody in their right minds would either.

NearTheEarsJan 10, 2018

Agreed. We’ll let history decide whether this “title” sticks. Somebody should let Saban know that they forgot to count last year’s Colley Matrix National Championship.

clemmoJan 10, 2018

Nothing to do with national title claim but it's worth noting that Ucf's qb Milton was 7th in yards, 6th in completion pct, and tied for 4th in nation for td' a sophomore. He's the real deal

AquaDuckJan 10, 2018

Alabama was #1 in the Colley Matrix last year and they didn’t claim it then. Take your peach bowl win and move along.

UCFJan 10, 2018

Colley is a major selector of the NCAA National Title, so the #1 ranking by them of UCF makes them a formal NCAA National Title holder. The debate is simply over now.

clemmoJan 10, 2018

I guess i'm one of the few that doesn't mind this. Bama beat 2 good teams the entire regular season (Lsu and miss st). Their third most impressive win was against a non power 5 (Fresno state). Other than that they beat teams at or below 500. Ucf beat the teams they could. If they faced bama they'd probably lose but this is why the playoffs should expand to 8 and include a non power 5 team. The non power 5's are catching up and closing the gap quickly on the major conferences, its time we see one in the playoffs every year. I realize this is looking far ahead but ucf plays Stanford in 2019 that will be another milestone for this program if they can keep course through all of the changes. All of this is coming from a penn state fan so I'm not exactly a homer.

JimWJan 10, 2018

I normally dislike when someone calls for a thread to be shut down... so I guess that means, in this instance, that I dislike myself. The news was that there was going to be a parade. The parade happened; it had no mention of a National Championship. So, as far as I can tell, there's no news, no rumors, and the events are no longer current. Let's move this to Chit Chat where the two or three UCR Homers can continue their fight.

Next Big ThingJan 10, 2018

Honestly this is slightly embarrassing for UCF to keep pushing this National Champions thing. Just because they beat the team that beat both Bama and Georgia doesn't mean anything. UCF had a weak schedule, they weren't worthy enough to get picked within the top 4 teams. Simple.