PHOTOS - Latest look at work on the new-look Walt Disney World gateway entrance along Western Way

Nov 05, 2020 in "Magic Kingdom"

Walt Disney World Western Way Gateway refurbishment - November 5 2020
Posted: Thursday November 5, 2020 12:28pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews are continuing to work on the Way Disney World gateway entrance along Western Way to transform the old structure into the new style ahead of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

The far right side looks complete, with the old red columns replaced with the light blue, and the background behind Mickey switched to the deep blue. Along the archway itself, the colors have been revered, with the background now blue, and the edges gold. The concept art below shows what the finished redesign will look like.

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matt9112Feb 17, 2021

I think this look is far better and a change in any sense is long overdue however i hope they dont advertise these as some kind of 50th....but you know they will 😅

DCBakerFeb 17, 2021

FlynnwriterDec 19, 2020

Then that’s on you.

_calebDec 18, 2020

Last time I flew my family to Florida for a Disney vacation, we saw the old signage with its hideous color scheme and immediately turned around, flew home, and went to Six Flags instead. The new design might entice me back next year.

peter11435Dec 18, 2020

I wouldn’t classify them as unimportant. They are the first and last things most guests see. Also they have previously received updates (obviously not as drastic) for other major events/celebrations. And at the end of the day this makeover was essentially a paint job, which the structures have always received every few years anyway. This time they just changed the colors of the paint they were using.

wedenterprisesDec 18, 2020

This is great!

hpyhnt 1000Dec 18, 2020

Love the warm white/golden glow. Much better than the harsh red in the previous version. A nice upgrade all around on this one.

MisterPenguinDec 18, 2020

That's very nice.

DCBakerDec 18, 2020

At night shot from BlogMickey -

FlynnwriterDec 14, 2020

If I had made a list of the Top 50 Things to Improve before the anniversary, these unimportant roadside gateways would not have been on the list.

DCBakerDec 13, 2020

Goofnut1980Dec 13, 2020

Just got home from a week at the World... I can say the new sign looks good, but the auto plaza, the castle in the middle you can barely make out because its the same color as its background. It needs another color behind it to make it pop!

jkh36619Dec 12, 2020

I like the old castle better. But not to say it won't grow on me.

RichKermitFanDec 12, 2020

My guess is most people you refer to tend to allude to more message board people ;)