VIDEO - Super Bowl LII star Nick Foles in Magic Kingdom celebration of Eagles win

Feb 05, 2018 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday February 5, 2018 3:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Super Bowl LII star Nick Foles took part in a special parade at the Magic Kingdom today, celebrating the teams historic win.

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BlindChowFeb 06, 2018

Love the green and white Mickey balloons in the background.

larryzFeb 06, 2018

As a life-long fan, I know how you feel.

montyz81Feb 06, 2018

I am really happy for the Eagles! Congratulations. I remember the first time the Pats won it in 2001. After being a fan for 20 years, 2001 was such a great year. But let me tell you, every year has been just as special. I know we are spoiled up here in NE, but this one hurts worse then 86, 97, 2008 and 2012 combined because this was likely the last we will see of TB12 in the SB. The Pats aren't going to be the elite team they have been anymore. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that they lost to a team that deserved to win this years! Again, congrats to the fans of Philly!

GCTalesFeb 06, 2018

Being a Philly native, I would have loved to see this. Several friends who were there said that, while he looked tired, he would acknowledge and specifically wave at people in eagles gear / jerseys, give them a thumbs up, etc.

fractalFeb 06, 2018

Fly Eagles Fly!

peter11435Feb 06, 2018

He wasn’t in the park before the parade

DVC91Feb 06, 2018

I’ve been waiting my whole life for the Eagles to win. I grew up in a family of North Jersey / New York native Giants fans as the only member of my family born in Philadelphia. My uncle bought Giants clothing for me when I was a baby in an attempt to get me to be like the rest of my family, but it never stuck. Eagles fandom as a whole has been defined by its chip-on-their-shoulder players, gritty performances, miracles, insane comeback wins, but ultimately coming up short. My love for this team, like many others, has always been the butt of jokes regarding their lack of ability to go the distance. Not anymore. I screamed, I begged my television, I cheered, and when that clock read 0:00, I bawled my eyes out for a good 30 minutes. This season has been such a rollercoaster, but this team truly was something special. They were always there for each other, and always played for each other. The atmosphere Doug Pederson cultivated is a work of art, and they way these players have rallied behind the backups that came in for the injured was incredible. Any or all of them could have easily given up, cut their losses, taken their checks, and set their eyes on their next destination, but none of them did. They wanted this win for themselves, for each other, for Doug and Howie Roseman and Lurie, the organization, for the city of Philadelphia, and their lifelong fans in other places. I’m so happy for these guys, and I wish I could see the real parade in Philly on Thursday. I’ll be cheering here from Florida!!! FLY EAGLES FLY!!!

EOD K9Feb 05, 2018

They reshoot the spot and tell him to get it right next time.

zakattack99Feb 05, 2018

Yep and it should be nuts. All city public schools are closed on Thursday, and the Archdiocese took it a step further and closed all the schools in the 5 counties...

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 05, 2018

I was in Disney's Hollywood Studios today so I could care less whoever it was for a parade for a sport I really could even care less for. Kind of glad I did because it was a mad house over there In the Magic Kingdom on wait times..

wdwmagicFeb 05, 2018

Here is a 60 second recap

wishiwere@wdwFeb 05, 2018

Other than the delay, I thought it was a lot of fun and a great crowd. Absolutely amazed by how many eagles fans were there! Fun times!

Walt dFeb 05, 2018

Ya” talking heads. Thats my Friends girl cousin playing the bass , for the talking heads..

Captain BarbossaFeb 05, 2018

I bet you he will turn around and head back to Philly tonight if he hasn't already