Patriots stars Tom Brady, Julian Edelman Super Bowl LIII victory celebration coming to Walt Disney World later today

Feb 04, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday February 4, 2019 9:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Moments after the New England Patriots clinched an NFL record-tying sixth Super Bowl championship in Atlanta, quarterback Tom Brady and MVP & wide receiver Julian Edelman shouted “We’re going to Disney World!”

The Magic Kingdom will host the celebration with Brady and Edelman at approximately 2:40pm today.

Brady and Edelman’s visit to Walt Disney World Resort continues a Disney Parks tradition that began in 1987 when quarterback Phil Simms celebrated his team’s Super Bowl win at Walt Disney World Resort.

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RSoxNo1Feb 08, 2019

What bet? The one in my signature? I can't enforce his paying, he's been banned here. If I lose I'll pay.

Edward JacksonFeb 07, 2019

I am a Patriots fan and I still think the name should stay the same. There is still something to be said for tradition. If they want to name a trophy after Belicheck make it the coach of the year award.

JoeCamelFeb 07, 2019

Thank you for saying this and maybe it will stop the controversy. How are you going to collect when you win the bet?

RSoxNo1Feb 07, 2019

Lombardi was the consensus best coach at the time the trophy was named. They're not renaming the trophy, nor should they.

WDWFREAK53Feb 07, 2019

They won’t rename the trophy. They’ll honor him/them in some other way but the trophy will remain the Lombardi.

Minnie1976Feb 07, 2019

Yep saints fan!

RteetzFeb 06, 2019

Some are asking for it to be renamed so thats sort of why I brought it up. I definitely think Bill deserves honors but personally and with a bit bias as a Packers fan I think the Lombardi trophy should remain as is.

seascapeFeb 06, 2019

The Stanley Cup is named for the person who gave it. Lord Stanley from Vancouver British Columbia

ABQFeb 06, 2019

Ugh, thank god they've never renamed Lord Stanley's Cup to "la coupe de Montréal" even though they've won a bunch of them.

WDWFREAK53Feb 06, 2019

It's called the Lombardi trophy for a reason...because when they named the trophy Lombardi deserved it. Do you know tacky it would be for them to rename the trophy now? The Patriots could've won 18 in a row and they wouldn't rename it. 13 Championships in the SuperBowl era? He won the first two and then passed away. Since he had a great run they honored his legacy by naming the Trophy after him. I'm not discrediting any of his accomplishments but it was a different time...a different era...and the way teams and the league was run was completely different. What Belichick/Brady are doing now is unheard of. If the trophy wasn't already can bet that it would be named after one of them after retirement or posthumously. (Coach of the Year award perhaps?)

Edward JacksonFeb 06, 2019

Yeah, because they did it a long, long time ago. How many teams were in the league when they won those championships? Since 1967, yes that far back, Green Bay has won 4 Super Bowls. The Patriots have won 6 since 2001.

RSoxNo1Feb 06, 2019

That's cute. Talk to me when they win as regularly as the Pats do during free agency.

kja1269Feb 06, 2019

I think this is being somewhat misunderstood. Nobody is required to go. Disney contracts with certain players who they feel have a chance of either winning the MVP or being highly noticeable for positive reasons. Right at the end of the game they are then taped saying we are going to Disneyland/world which Disney airs around the country. Disney has been doing this for quite a few years now.

Edward JacksonFeb 06, 2019

Yeah and where were the Eagles this year. Oh yeah, sorry, not in the Super Bowl. I give you last year's win, but this is the third year in a row for the Patriots and they have won two out of three. They have also won three out of the last five Super Bowls. If you are tired of the Patriots, play better. :p