Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary license plate reaches its pre-sale requirement to begin production

13 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday April 1, 2021 9:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary license plate has cleared the pre-order threshold to move into production.

The Florida license plate required 3000 pre-orders before moving into production, which it has now reached after just over a week of being available to pre-order.

The design features the “EARidescent” 50th anniversary castle logo on a royal blue background. Inspired by the color scheme of Cinderella Castle, 100 percent of the proceeds will be benefiting Make-A-Wish of Central and Northern Florida and their work granting wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Interested drivers can purchase a presale voucher now for $25 plus applicable state administration fees exclusively through their local County Tax Collector’s Office, license plate agencies (DMVs) across the State of Florida, or online through the Orange County Tax Collector’s Office at https://www.octaxcol.com/specialty-license-plate-vouchers/.

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JoeCamel6 days ago

"old style" you will get a new number

mnelson36 days ago

Honestly this will be my first time having a specialty plate. Never interested me until now lol. So after the 50th, unless a different design does come out, I should be able to switch back to my old plate? As long as it has the correct registration sticker year of course.

DisneyJayL6 days ago

Yeah, I hope you’re right.

ryguy12 days ago

In Florida, the money goes to the organization. I know the golf plate goes to youth golf foundations/programs around the state.

"El Scorpion"12 days ago

They want to get rid of Florida Resident APs and have us buy Florida license plates instead? Ok, I'm in. Will the plate get me free parking at least?

JoeCamel12 days ago

Florida goes to the entity on the plate except for costs. The endless summer plate with a surfer goes to care of beaches and oceans for example, the school ones go to the individual school booster programs etc. https://www.flhsmv.gov/motor-vehicles-tags-titles/personalized-specialty-license-plates/financial-oversight-and-reports/

Brad Bishop12 days ago

Just FYI: I don't know how Florida does it (every state is different) but in Georgia, such plates just go to the general fund. For example, you buy a "feel good about this thing" plate (now you feel good) - that extra money you pay just goes into the general fund even though you were thinking that the extra money would go to what you're funding. If you think you're helping puppies, you're really just helping your state government. Again, this is how Georgia is. I don't know how Florida is. I'd check into it before getting any sort of specialized plate unless you just like the plate and will pay extra for it.

Lilofan12 days ago

Have you seen a Hyundai Veloster?

HarperRose12 days ago

LOL The front license plate doesn't go on the grill.

JoeCamel12 days ago

Floriduh and a couple of others don't require a front plate to save money. I own a truck that has no provision to put a plate on the front, have to get an aftermarket doohickey or something if I needed it.

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

And? American graffiti this weekend? What year is it?

Lilofan12 days ago

Mandatory front licence plates in some states ruin the look of the front grille in some cars.

monorail8112 days ago

“The Florida license plate required 3000 pre-orders before moving into production, which it has now reached after just over a week of being available to pre-order.” Just an FYI...While they just released the design last week, it’s been available to pre-order for much longer than a week. I bought our pre-sale voucher in November.

CJR12 days ago

I think it's an issue that most people don't consider stuff like this until it's time to renew. In our case, we got a brand new plate last year so we want to get some use out of it before replacing it. We don't want to contribute more to waste just because it's a fun design, if that makes sense. When it's time, if they have something like this, we definitely would do it.