Liberty Square Riverboat refurbishment extended

Jul 20, 2018 in "Liberty Square Riverboat"

The Liberty Square Riverboat refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom has been extended.

Originally scheduled from January 8 through to July 19, the ride will now be closed through to the fall of 2018.

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Article Posted: Jul 20, 2018 / 9:55am ET
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EricsBiscuitJul 21, 2019

You used to be able to buy Mint Juleps on the Mark Twain at DL.

larryzJul 21, 2019

I'd rather it was for the installation of a cocktail bar on the second deck...

UnbansheeJul 20, 2019

Looks like you dropped this. Here you go:

EricsBiscuitJul 20, 2019

Probably for a boiler inspection required by law.

SquishyJul 20, 2019

BlogMickey is reporting the riverboat is going down for another refurb August 19 to August 23, 2019.

Captain BarbossaMar 20, 2019

At MK today and just heard the new whistle in person for the first time. My. God. It sounds even worse in person than on video. Whoever made the decision to change whistles needs to be beaten.

Phil12Mar 16, 2019

This guy plays it better:

larryzMar 16, 2019

That's part of its charm... That's why it's up on the highest level where kids aren't allowed to go.

Phil12Mar 16, 2019

...and it makes a mess. Not to mention that scalding hot steam at the eye level of children presents an obvious danger.

EricsBiscuitMar 16, 2019

Call me crazy but the new whistle is slightly growing on me.

MisterPenguinMar 16, 2019

Because it's annoyingly out of tune.

MinthorneMar 16, 2019

That steam calliope was made in my home town 😁

Captain BarbossaMar 16, 2019

That would make sense, but the whistle that was on it before the refurb was Roy’s old whistle, and that was a 3 chime and I don’t ever recall it having any issues in terms of not getting enough steam. I wonder if they had a bigger pipe to the whistle and then replaced it with the smaller pipe that you mentioned during the refurb. Either way, I can’t stand the new whistle. Like I’ve said before, it belongs on a tugboat, not a riverboat! It’s sure gonna be annoying to hear it when I’m at MK on Wednesday.

larryzMar 16, 2019

Still wondering why there isn't one of these... Of course, that looks like it has a 2" steam pipe... Clearly, a 1/2" pipe couldn't feed that thing.