PHOTOS - Liberty Square Riverboat refurbishment continues with track replacement work

Dec 07, 2020 in "Liberty Square Riverboat"

Rivers of America refurbishment - December 2 2020

Work is continuing on the Liberty Square Riverboat refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom.

Crews are busy replacing the track that guides the riverboat along the ride path.

This aerial view from photographer Scott Keating offers an interesting look at the site.

The refurbishment is expected to last through February 28 2021.

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Article Posted: Dec 07, 2020 / 9:42am ET
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Squishy17 days ago

Rafts got taken backstage apparently.

solidyne19 days ago

I feared that. Happily surprised.

EricsBiscuit19 days ago

I saw that! They fixed it by mid-late afternoon though.

creathir19 days ago

Our chance to ride her today was foiled by a malfunctioning whistle. Next trip... next trip...

TrainChasers19 days ago

Good to see steam power is back in the magic kingdom! Now about those trains.... haha

EricsBiscuit19 days ago

So Terry the Turbine got a nice refurb. Much quieter. All the machinery in general was rejuvenated. The animation in the scenes will improve over the coming months as it opened earlier than expected. Certain parts of the deck were supposed to be waterproofed but were not. Turbine (left), reduction gear (center), generator (right).

TrainChasers20 days ago

I never claimed it but I suspected it. I’m glad to see it has reopened.

MansionButler8420 days ago

Remember when someone claimed due to COVID-19 that TSI would never reopen and, instead, it got a nice refurbishment and reopened? Good times.

TrainChasers20 days ago

Chickens haven’t escaped have they!?

EricsBiscuit20 days ago

North Island has reopened! Blacksmiths are both working! So are the horses. Sound effects at each scene are working too, including our snoring friend.

Bullseye196720 days ago

We were on the same boat as you. Small world :)

disneygeek9020 days ago

Rode on the last sailing Friday night, was so good to see the riverboat back. I've grown quite fond of it over recent years.

mikeymouse21 days ago

I'm so glad to be wrong as well!!

JoeCamel21 days ago

Cool they back it onto the rail then sail around the island