Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

Oct 02, 2020 in "Liberty Square Riverboat"

The Liberty Square Riverboat ride and Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom are closing this week to begin a lengthy refurbishment.

Closures of both will begin October 5 2020 and will run through to early 2021. As part of the work, expect the Rivers of America to be drained.

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Article Posted: Oct 02, 2020 / 8:38am ET
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Captain Barbossa1 day ago

Schedule is showing March 1st.

arich351 day ago

Sorry if it has been said, but is there a timeline for this to reopen?

JoeCamel1 day ago

You want more Pete?

Dutch Inn '761 day ago

Pete gets more use in the newer Disney Channel animated shows, and he's one of my 6-year-old's favorites. Maybe that means we'll see more of Pete in the future. :)

Fox&Hound1 day ago

Haha, I like the carnival too. For what it is, I think they did a good job but it seems like a missed opportunity. I totally agree Pete should be a part of it. The tent where you meet Minnie and company dressed up like circus performers seems like the most wasted opportunity. Why not random character you never meet?

Dutch Inn '761 day ago

Whoa - look out there. I think the carnival is beautiful. It's my wife's favorite part of NFL. We only wish that there was more PETE!

SteamboatJoe1 day ago

The Liberty Belle plying the Rivers of America is probably one of the greatest scenes in all of WDW. The only thing that could make ROA even better is its own sailing ship. I wish they had arranged things in such a way where a sailing ship departed from Liberty Square while the riverboat simultaneously departed from a separate dock opposite Liberty Square in Frontierland. It would've been more contextually appropriate. I imagine they didn't want to deal with the logistics or designs that would've been required to do this.

SteamboatJoe1 day ago

I'd support this...IF: a) it was for a worthy attraction or mini-land; and b) it meant MK got the kind of scenery DL has around the northern bend for both the riverboat and the train. EDIT: A condition being the riverboat has to still be running and not just become a stationary walk-thru M&G area.

DCBaker2 days ago

Raineman8 days ago

I believe that's it's cousin, the Contractor Ladder.

tirian9 days ago


Walt d9 days ago

I think its cool that its dry enough now that they’re driving out there. I like going out to toms Island a lot. Dose any one know how many feet of water. Ends out there?

MisterPenguin9 days ago

larryz9 days ago

Chances are she would look something like this...