PHOTOS - Construction underway on new Leave a Legacy at EPCOT

Jan 15, 2021 in "Leave a Legacy"

Construction is now underway on the new Leave a Legacy sites at EPCOT.

There will be two new Leave a Legacy displays, at the exit of the park, on both the east and west sides of the main entrance. Pictured above is the location of the west display, with the new Leave a Legacy wall being built behind the scrim. This area is just below and in-front of the exit ramp from the monorail platform.

On the eastern side, here is a look at the posts that will support the Leave a Legacy wall.

And a look at that same area from the other side.

Leave a Legacy was originally located inside the park as part of the Millennium celebration at EPCOT, but was removed as part of the redevelopment of the park's main entrance. Although sales were suspended, guests were originally able to purchase a laser etched picture of themselves, or a message, to be displayed at the entrance to the park.

The last two years have seen major changes at the park's main entrance, with a new tram lane, new security checkpoints, a new fountain, refreshed paint and graphics, removal of the Leave a Legacy structures, and more landscaping. The new Leave a Legacy sites should be about the last of the entrance area work, completing this phase of the redevelopment.

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Article Posted: Jan 15, 2021 / 10:49am ET
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marni19712 hours ago

(Sorry but I’m a stickler for the detail)

marni19712 hours ago

Finally. I’ve been waiting for that. A great example of upgrading 1982 without breaking the park.

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

Rundown on the new Entrance BGM Soundtrack from DisneyNature's Dolphin Reef by Steven Price. Obvious why it was chosen. Steven Price is an award winning composer of many famous movie soundtracks. Tracks: Echo Fires Up Another A Different Set of Rules Soundtrack from Our Planet, a Netflix product by, again, Steven Price. Tracks: The Ocean Belongs to Us All The Ocean Returns the Favor Seasonal Seas A Greater Resilience The Numbers Build An Ingenious Technique Two Steps From Hell[/I] is a music production company specializing in soundtracks, such as for Pirates of the Caribbean. Tracks used are: From the Album "Archangel" -- Nero From the Album "Two Steps from Heaven" -- She's a Superhero; Beyond the Horizon [URL='']Mark Petrie: has written music for Guardians of the Galaxy; Avengers: Infinity War; Oz the Great and Powerful; Tomorrowland; Alice Through the Looking Glass; The BFG; Venom. Tracks used were published by Mark on Soundcloud, not from a soundtrack Transform Eternal Beauty Beauty Within Reach the Sky From the same collection of "Optimistic Themes 3" on which we get Mark Petrie's music is a track by Clinton Rusich... Finding Your Way From the soundtrack of The Greatest Game Ever Played (a Buena Vista film about golf), comes [URL='']Brian Tyler's track. Brian Tyler has also composed music for Iron Man 3; Avengers Age of Ultron. The Game is Afoot From the soundtrack of Saving Mr. Banks by [URL='']Thomas Newman, who also composed for Finding Nemo, WALL-E: The Magic Kingdom From, the best I can tell, a Soundcloud artist(s) called "Up, Moxie" is the downtempo track... The Fall And another composer, Terry Devine-King, who's done a lot of soundtracks for movies and TV, but none very famous or for Disney: Nebula (from album Galaxies Collide) Rise of Champions

Homemade Imagineering4 hours ago

I listened to the loop for the first time via this video today. Needless to say,(timestamp)4:00 was... interesting (yes, I'm aware that portion of that particular piece wasn't used in the actual loop, it just caught me off guard 🤣).

UNCgolf4 hours ago

I had a somewhat similar thought -- as much as I love this new entrance, it may actually make the experience of the park itself just a little worse (for me personally; not for everyone). The entrance reminds me of EPCOT in its heyday when it was full of amazing pavilions/attractions and optimism for the future. It will be disappointing to go through that entrance and then come out into the park that actually exists today instead of the one that entrance suggests.

Notes from Neverland4 hours ago

The ribbon light is an outstanding change. It looks great! As things evolve, it almost looks like the front entrance belongs to a very different park than what actually sits beyond the entrance.

SplashZander4 hours ago

As someone who has listened to the new area music while working, exercising, and showering today, this sounds oddly nostagic.

Vegas Disney Fan5 hours ago

I’ll have to take a bus rather than the skyliner next trip, it’s convenient from Caribbean but a shame to miss this updated entrance.

J45465 hours ago

damn, fiber optics in the walkways would be pretty amazing. imagine if they were used in Pandora to light up the pathways. Or if they were also touch responsive and what you could do with that.

MisterPenguin5 hours ago

JohnD5 hours ago

Well, it’s 2021 now. Were they there during the monoliths? I don’t know.

castlecake2.05 hours ago

I meant the ones that were in front of SSE in the 80s/90s

MisterPenguin5 hours ago

Not sure. I think mostly.

JohnD5 hours ago

Behind SSE where they have always been as you walk past SSE to either side of FW.