So just how tall are the Leave a Legacy walls?

Feb 10, 2021 in "Leave a Legacy"

Posted: Wednesday February 10, 2021 12:20pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Since the new Leave a Legacy walls went up yesterday, we've had a lot of questions about just how tall they are, and if a tile near to the top can be seen.

Using the iPhone's Augmented Reality measuring app, we measured the height from the ground to the top row of pictures to be 7ft 8 inches. Each row is very close to 1 inch in height, and there are 91 rows on each panel, with 1 being at the bottom and 91 at the top.

In our observation, the top row was relatively easy to see, although this is obviously going to vary depending on the viewer's eye sight and their individual height. We did note that the pictures are easier to decipher than text tiles, which are more challenging to see on the upper rows.

In general it would seem that WDI has done some testing to work out exactly how high they can go to get enough tile density and still maintain visibility.

To find your position go to the site here to open up the tile finder search feature, which provides the coordinates for a tile’s location based on at minimum, your name.


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Rich Brownn5 days ago

Which is weird because when I worked monorails (1975-1976) the monorails would close during thunderstorms. Train even got hit once approaching TTC and blew the beacon off the roof.

Goofyernmost5 days ago

For just a few million handed over to Disney on a yearly basis might just make your dream come true. The ball is you court now.

James Alucobond5 days ago

Permanent World Showplace in the middle with two lead-up islands for Oceania and the Caribbean is my dream scenario. World Showplace would become the centerpiece for the firework display and space on the two islands could be sold as premium viewing, eliminating the need for the table. Current World Showplace would be blown up for a Greece pavilion.

castlecake2.05 days ago

I was thinking something like this too, if they really wanted to they could get creative with landscaping to block most of these things, like some landscaped islands, or built up berms behind the countries, sorta like how they’re blocking the view of the new Star Wars hotel. But backside of france has shown us they don’t really care, until enough guests complaints make them care.

SpectroMickey855 days ago

Sorry to go off topic from what you all were discussing haha. Might Epcot be getting a new Toll Booth? Oh, and transportation wise I vote for something that connects to Animal Kingdom. Coronado Springs needs a connection to something to haha.

sedati6 days ago

Actually, all they need to do is add some more islands or even little island nations that we could visit. Positioned correctly they could block out sightlines of distant monstrosities such as the hotels or Guardians. This was more in line with the original layout plan, and would also offer more than a single pathway 'round the lagoon.

Admiral016 days ago

All we need to do is have WDI do a bunch of rock work over the two hotel buildings to make them look like mountains, leave a little of the top of the Dolphin exposed, repaint that as a Swiss ski chalet, and bam - problem solved. Two big hotel mountains in the background instead of Michael Graves’ monstrosities.

marni19716 days ago

It was always a post Skyliner project.

HauntedPirate6 days ago

You, vague? That's so unusual... 😂 :hilarious: Any idea if they are at least entertaining an east/west connector at this point, or did that die with the final price tag of the Skyliner and/or Covid?

marni19716 days ago

The thingy. Definitely not a cable car. They don’t snake.

G00fyDad6 days ago


MisterPenguin6 days ago

Skyliner or the thing on its own right-of-way?

marni19716 days ago

East west across property from Springs to DHS via Epcot and later DAK.

castlecake2.06 days ago

I’ll have to dig when I have time. What was this connector going to be though? Also to keep this on topic I’m anxiously waiting for The Zach to post something about brining palm trees back to replace the ugly mismatched trees, but my hopes are fading.