So just how tall are the Leave a Legacy walls?

20 days ago in "Leave a Legacy"

Since the new Leave a Legacy walls went up yesterday, we've had a lot of questions about just how tall they are, and if a tile near to the top can be seen.

Using the iPhone's Augmented Reality measuring app, we measured the height from the ground to the top row of pictures to be 7ft 8 inches. Each row is very close to 1 inch in height, and there are 91 rows on each panel, with 1 being at the bottom and 91 at the top.

In our observation, the top row was relatively easy to see, although this is obviously going to vary depending on the viewer's eye sight and their individual height. We did note that the pictures are easier to decipher than text tiles, which are more challenging to see on the upper rows.

In general it would seem that WDI has done some testing to work out exactly how high they can go to get enough tile density and still maintain visibility.

To find your position go to the site here to open up the tile finder search feature, which provides the coordinates for a tile’s location based on at minimum, your name.


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Article Posted: Feb 10, 2021 / 12:20pm ET
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dvclover1514 hours ago

yeah these are one in the same. ;)

HauntedPirate15 hours ago

My point being, there has been love for Fantasia shown. For years. It’s not something that’s been saved for F&G.

tparris16 hours ago

I thought it looked familiar.

Touchdown17 hours ago

And would you be surprised to know that this is the exact same topiary?

jrhwdw17 hours ago

Might we get the Flags tomorrow for Opening day for Flower and Garden? Do we have a Flag Insider? LOL!

rangerbob17 hours ago

It is starting to look like the original version of the entrance. Glad the old look has returned.

HauntedPirate17 hours ago

There used to always be a Sorceror Mickey and dancing brooms topiaries at DHS.

Lands of Wonder18 hours ago

Nice to see Fantasia get some love

HuffsAhoy2 days ago

The reimagined entrance of Epcot, in front of SSE at least, is leaps and bounds better than before. I have not seen it in person yet but there is something about seeing these photos of plaza with the flag poles flanking both sides of the attraction that gives me, for lack of a better word, chills. I know that's a silly reaction but I never felt any sense of awe walking into the park with the former entrance. I'm very much looking forward to how the rest of the area is fine tuned.

dreday32 days ago

Yes, just answered my own question. Pictures on this site show me the planting. It's not the same color, but obviously need time for plants/trees to grow.

dreday32 days ago

? 🤔 Looking more at the concept art - I already like the flag poles, have they already added all the planters and trees or will there be more?

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Can we please stay on the topic of the Entrance? There's another thread for Harmonious.

dreday32 days ago

Well, not to spoil it for you, but I don't think things look too great beyond Spaceship Earth right now from what I'm picking up on. ;)