More live entertainment returns to Walt Disney World with Kora Tinga Tinga now playing at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Kora Tinga Tinga performance - October 10 2021
Posted: Wednesday October 13, 2021 9:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kora Tinga Tinga returned to Disney's Animal Kingdom this past weekend as entertainment continues its comeback at Walt Disney World


The kora is a West African instrument, using 21 strings and played by plucking with the fingers.

Watch the video below to see Kora Tina Tinga in action. (4K YouTube)

You can catch Kora Tina Tinga most days on the stage in the center of Haramabe, near Mombasa Marketplace.

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ToTBellHop4 days ago

If he is even 10% of the Imagineer he thinks he is, it should be a renaissance at WDI…

Squishy4 days ago

Thank god Enchantment & Harmonious have none of those

mikejs784 days ago

I mean, it's only a matter of time before The Zach becomes the president of WDI....

ToTBellHop4 days ago

I can’t wait for the “As part of our phased reopening…” DPB announcement in 2028. Or maybe it will come from @ThePresidentWDI @TheZachRiddley

mikejs784 days ago

Good to hear that the citizens are not a cut, at least as it stands right now.

bcoachable4 days ago

Sometimes dots are hard to connect, I guess :) I just hope they remember soon: To keep us spending money, we need to have felt as if we had a good time while we where there!

Nick_A4 days ago

I imagine they sold lots of drinks last night and probably made a hefty profit. You'd think they'd realize the connection.

ToTBellHop4 days ago

The Citizens will return…eventually. The phased reopening from the four-month Covid closure will apparently last 14 years.

bcoachable4 days ago

I jumped on the “Bob” stream for a few minutes last night- while I was on, the stream hit over 2000 viewers! The house was Rockin! Hey TWDC- Entertainment seems to me to be a worthwhile (and relatively inexpensive) investment to keep the park peeps pleased… (I know…. crazy thought for an entertainment company, right??) Might you guys re-consider your decision on the Citizens of Hollywood?

mikejs784 days ago

Some of you may have noticed from other threads that I'm pretty much on record of being highly in favor of proper COVID protocols, as supported by scientific data. But this is extremely dumb. Outdoor transmission is not a thing. Repeat after me. Outdoor. Transmission. Is. Not. A. Thing. All the scientific data supports that idea. I can see doing something like that in an enclosed lounge, but not outside at Epcot or Springs.

jrhwdw4 days ago

OK..........Have no clue how Bob knows this but Hoop De Doo should be in Jan????????

jrhwdw5 days ago

Yeah, that lasted long! The room was full energy since Bob walked in about 8:05!!! And the crowd started singing when Bob did Mickey Mouse March! Hopefully TDO knows how special this night is!

CntrlFlPete5 days ago

to me, the crazy/sad in all of this -- well, walk down main street in the afternoon and see all the folks waiting on 'the parade'

Bullseye19675 days ago

Pre pandemic two acts would play at each stage. One would play for 30 minutes and then break for 30 minutes for 4 sets, or 4 hours of continuous music. Now they have spread them out to twice as many locations, hoping the people will disperse knowing there won't be another band or performer for 30 minutes.