Disney's Animal Kingdom welcomes a new Hartmann's Mountain zebra foal to the herd at Kilimanjaro Safaris

May 18, 2021 in "Kilimanjaro Safaris"

Posted: Tuesday May 18, 2021 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A male Hartmann's Mountain zebra foal was born May 17 2021 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to mom Heidi.

Guests riding Kilimanjaro Safaris got to see the miracle of birth, and the healthy foal was born on the savanna and was standing up and nuzzling with mom just moments following his birth.

Mother and her long-legged son are now bonding backstage and will join the herd back on savanna in a week or two.

Hartmann’s mountain zebras are found in sub-Saharan Africa and are a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and hunting. The foal was born as part of the Species Survival Plan program, which is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and ensures responsible breeding and genetic diversity of hundreds of animal species.

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Tom P.Jun 17, 2021

I was literally coming into this thread to say the same thing. lol.

JustInTimeJun 16, 2021

Omgggg I did too

Simba's MomJun 16, 2021

I can't wait to look for him next month!

Walt dJun 03, 2021

Now its time jump hop. And run. Welcome home!

ChomamaJun 03, 2021

We got to see him on safari this week. He’s absolutely precious!!!

StellajackJun 03, 2021

We watched this lil' guy being introduced to the savanna on Disney+ Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom earlier in the week. He is so cute and the wildebeasts went crazy when they saw him come out. Found out in the program that it takes next to nothing for the wildebeasts to run here, there, and everywhere!

MansionButler84Jun 03, 2021

He’s adorable. I’ll take one.

YodaManMay 18, 2021

Why did I read this as “Hannah Montana’s zebra foul??” 😩

HeppenheimerMay 18, 2021

Welcome to the world, little one.

DaGoof00May 18, 2021

Love this. They're a great addition on the savanna.