PHOTO - Masai giraffe calf born on the Kilimanjaro Safari savanna

Jan 17, 2019 in "Kilimanjaro Safaris"

Posted: Thursday January 17, 2019 12:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom is celebrating the birth of a male Masai giraffe calf born this past Monday.

Mom gave birth to the calf in-front of guests on the Kilimanjaro Safari savanna, and both are now remaining backstage for observation

Disney says that mom and her calf will be back on the savanna in a couple of months, and a name is still be chosen.

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JoeCamelMar 14, 2019

Ride KS, they will tell you

larryzMar 14, 2019

Herd of giraffes? For those who didn't read the article, the technical term is "tower of giraffes."

justintheharrisJan 19, 2019

I have a friend who told me the barn was being occupied at the time of the birth so the vets literally had no place to take her

I am TimmyJan 18, 2019

"On calm nights, baby Who girls, and tiny Who fellas, drift from the skies in their own pumbercellas". Everyone knows that...

RteetzJan 18, 2019

I just missed it. I was on the safari that morning right after park open. We were stalled for quite a while but nothing had begun yet. There was a truck near the giraffe area monitoring things. We didn't know this was about to happen at that point of course. Soon after I got off news was spreading on what was happening.

Skibum1970Jan 17, 2019

Extra points just for having a Wheel of Time reference in your name.

erasure fan1Jan 17, 2019

Welcome to the world we live in. People will find any reason to complain, no matter how dumb it seems.

wdwmagicJan 17, 2019

PHOTO - Masai giraffe calf born on the Kilimanjaro Safari savanna

PREMiERdrumJan 16, 2019

Ironically enough, I'm supposed to be taking a group of 168 parents and teachers to WDW for a band/choir trip beginning on March 23nd... with a private breakfast and ride on KS March 28. The baby's due date is March 22nd.

UnpluggedJan 16, 2019

That's coming quick. Make sure you get your FP+ for KS so the delivery goes well!

LAKid53Jan 16, 2019

Wow, 4? Congratulations to both of you!

PREMiERdrumJan 16, 2019

With our next (4th!) baby due in about 9 weeks, I'm sure my significant other appreciates this strategy.

Disney AnalystJan 15, 2019

You’re right. I’m sorry for getting involved! 😱😭