Concept art of the new 'Trader Sam's Gift Shop' scene at the Jungle Cruise

Apr 26, 2021 in "Jungle Cruise"

Jungle Cruise concept art
Posted: Monday April 26, 2021 9:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In the latest sneak peek of the upcoming changes to the Jungle Cruise, Disney has shared concept art of the new "Lost and Found" that will replace the former Trader Sam scene at the classic Magic Kingdom ride.

According to the story, "Word on the stream is that Alberta Falls, proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd., has entrusted her longtime friend, Trader Sam, to manage the new Lost & Found location. But, with Trader Sam being Trader Sam, there’s always an opportunity to make some extra money. After all, all the best rides end with a gift shop, right? "

The former head salesman Trader Sam scene was removed in early April to make way for this new scene.

Disney announced back in January 2021 that it plans to update the Jungle Cruise with new additions to add "more humor, wildlife and skipper heart – and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us."

Disney has not yet offered a timeline of when the changes will be completed, but has indicated that it will be coming "later this year."

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Magicart875 hours ago

In addition to what's already been said; IMO Imagineering's effort to marry two competing concepts has resulted in a poorly executed sign. Their attempt at conveying the tone of the attraction doesn't quite work because it's not pushed to the extremes. They should have either doubled-down on the Tourist Trap silliness or dropped it altogether. The Jungle Navigation company emblem is spectacular, elegant and prestigious. The bitten paddle gag is silly and tropey and benefiting a Tourist Trap. If that was the intent; such a sign would be in high-contrast and downright tacky, designed to grab your eyes and not let go until you step inside. This sign doesn't do that. In fact it practically disappears against the building. On the flipside had they leaned on the Jungle Navigation Co. concept the results might have been more successful. Imagine instead if the signage looked more like this: What's the better play? I honestly don't know. The current sign doesn't work in either scenario. Should they drop the silly? Or push it to the extremes? Regardless, the the image above looks 10x better than the green on green issue they have going on right now. I would have either liked something similar to the above or a sign befitting the "World Famous" Jungle Cruise. Was the subtle native decor so bad?

ImperfectPixie6 hours ago

Then they squandered available space with the diagonal "supports" on the sides and should have used simpler framing. (And those "supports" also look different.) Also...the proportion of the "J" and "C" relative to the rest of the letters is not good.

Incomudro7 hours ago

Apparently, spears are racist. This is ridiculous. A jungle cruise would absolutely utilize native items as decor, rather than paddles.

ChrisFL7 hours ago

As someone mentioned, it is too close to the green in the wall behind it

WEDfan979815 hours ago

This stuff is going too far and I say this as a POC.

LittleBuford15 hours ago

If I’m not mistaken, its size and position are unchanged.

LaughingGravy15 hours ago

The J and the C bother me more than they should from a design standpoint. Those pairs of horizontal lines in each should be going in the same direction. There's also aging of the green, but not the white, and the ships wheel is brand new. It just seems cobbled together, which I guess could be a look they were going for, but it seems like the design dept. just phoned it in. The blank fast pass sign just looks lazy as well. They would do better to cover it with something, anything. A shipping crate, a stuffed plush gorilla, anything except leaving it blank.

ImperfectPixie19 hours ago

To me it looks way too small. I don't like the fact that it's not centered, either, but I get why it isn't. The green is still making me's way too much green considering the building behind it is also green. I also wish they'd used a board size and color that wasn't so similar to the siding of the building behind it...just making them vertical isn't enough of a difference, IMO, because it looks like they savaged the building itself for the boards, when I think looking like they salvaged boat wreckage would have been a better effect.

Magicart8719 hours ago

Any guesses as to why I think this sign redesign is a complete fail. This image holds the clues.

ImperfectPixie20 hours ago

Agreed...too much green still.

Tinkwings20 hours ago

Think it could use a bunch more weathering to show more tan vs the green matching the building color.....but looks better than the shiny new paint job first seen.......and I do love the bite taken out of the oar........but still too green imho. ;)

Otterhead22 hours ago

I'm so happy to see that, you have no idea.

Otterhead22 hours ago

I'm loving the new sign and all of the world building they're adding to the ride. The new signage is way easier to read and the JNC emblem is classy, great work.

wedenterprises1 day ago

these incremental-changes-while-the-rides-remain-open refurbs are really fun to follow. maddening, but fun. new sign looks good, love the bite taken out of the oar.