Concept art of the new 'Trader Sam's Gift Shop' scene at the Jungle Cruise

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Jungle Cruise concept art
Posted: Monday April 26, 2021 9:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In the latest sneak peek of the upcoming changes to the Jungle Cruise, Disney has shared concept art of the new "Lost and Found" that will replace the former Trader Sam scene at the classic Magic Kingdom ride.

According to the story, "Word on the stream is that Alberta Falls, proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd., has entrusted her longtime friend, Trader Sam, to manage the new Lost & Found location. But, with Trader Sam being Trader Sam, there’s always an opportunity to make some extra money. After all, all the best rides end with a gift shop, right? "

The former head salesman Trader Sam scene was removed in early April to make way for this new scene.

Disney announced back in January 2021 that it plans to update the Jungle Cruise with new additions to add "more humor, wildlife and skipper heart – and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us."

Disney has not yet offered a timeline of when the changes will be completed, but has indicated that it will be coming "later this year."

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GimpYancIent11 days ago


999th Happy Haunt11 days ago

Imagineering offices right now

Sir_Cliff11 days ago

To do that, they would more or less have to completely replace all the existing figures and scenes with new ones. I can only imagine how that would go down on here! It's very hard to go from corny old vignettes to 2021-level WOW.

Phil1211 days ago

They need to do something along the lines of this:

Bocabear11 days ago

A mix of humor and WOW moments... At one time the visuals were all a they have gotten stale and have not been addressed in years... Time to update and renew so maybe the entire attraction does not rest on the jokes, but jokes are a little embellishment to a great attraction.

Ripken1011 days ago

Brer Panther11 days ago

A lot of people assume that monkeys are automatically funny.

_caleb12 days ago

The Sorcerers Aprentice12 days ago

Someone at Imagineering must find monkeys hilarious. They are in almost if not completely in all the scenes they’ve showed so far. Hopefully we see a couple new animals added as well to add some variety to the new scenes.

lazyboy97o12 days ago

“No monkeys. Monkeys aren’t funny. When I was young, I thought all comedy was funny. If I didn’t see the humor of a joke, that was plainly my fault. But then, in 1961, came the TV première of “The Hathaways,” starring Jack Weston, Peggy Cass, and the Marquis Chimps. It was not funny, not at all. Even I could see that. And I blamed the monkeys. They were ruining comedy. So no monkeys, please, and if you must use monkeys, for God’s sake, don’t put hats on them.” -John Swartzwelder

Sir_Cliff12 days ago

As far as I understand, it was Walt and Marc Davis who decided to make it more humorous in the early-1960s. I think it was honestly a genius move which probably saved it from eventually going the way of the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland.

LittleBuford12 days ago

I consider the humour charming and hokey rather than snarky. And weren’t the gags added only a few years after the original Jungle Cruise first opened? I for one love the current approach and would be sad to see a more serious or “thrilling” style of attraction take its place.

UNCgolf12 days ago

And one with fake animals. There's no way to make the Jungle Cruise serious as currently exists. No one is going to be enthralled by AA elephants, rhinos, etc. when they can go see the real thing a couple of miles away. Completely overhauling it into an Indy ride could work, though.

Movielover12 days ago

There would certainly need to be a more adventurous feel added to it since at that point you're essentially just making a wet and shorter version of Kilimanjaro Safari. But I would love to see what could be done, heck at that point a Indiana Jones overlay might work as well.