Disney teases a little more of the new Jungle Cruise backstory

Mar 19, 2021 in "Jungle Cruise"

A conversation with Alberta Falls
Posted: Friday March 19, 2021 3:!5pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a Jungle Cruise enhancement update today, Disney has given a few more details on how it is expanding the attraction’s backstory, centered around Alberta Falls, granddaughter of world-renowned Dr. Albert Falls, as the proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd.

According to Disney, "Jungle Cruise fans might be familiar with her name; however, wouldn’t you know it, we recently uncovered a copy of an interview with Alberta Falls that was featured in a 1938 issue of The Daily Gnus about her and the World-Famous Jungle Cruise."

Disney announced back in January 2021 that it plans to update the Jungle Cruise with new additions to add "more humor, wildlife and skipper heart – and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us."

Disney has not yet offered a timeline of when the changes will be completed, but has indicated that it will be coming "later this year."

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jake0324demo1 day ago

Though I do wanna point out that chimps and gorillas are found sometimes in the same rainforests of Africa

Animaniac93-981 day ago

Speaking of Tokyo Disneyland, after re-watching a video of their updated ride it looks like while they kept the natives, the cannibal angle was dropped. The skulls that lined the roof of the pavilion are gone as are the ones that were stacked on the boats. They still "attack" you, but it's more like because they see you as a threat and not another meal. Like how Trader Sam there no longer holds shrunken heads, it was another way to soften their depiction. It's likely most would have seen that as a half-hearted measure if done Stateside vs the wholesale replacement that was chosen. I think I prefer the Native dance/attack scene if only because of the elaborate costume and set design and the fact that it's clearly distinct from the other vignettes in the ride, event though I understand why people think it's cringe. The monkeys on the boat/boxes are fine, but a bit repetitive after the similar scene involving the camp earlier.

Animaniac93-981 day ago

They added Lion King music to the ride at Tokyo Disneyland in the Africa scene, so...it wouldn't have been without precedent.

JustInTime1 day ago

No lol

DisneyExpert2 days ago

Riding The Beast in the pitch black of night is as close to a religious experience as most of us will ever get. Sheer perfection.


No its just too big and needs to go.

jkh366192 days ago

We should deem the Speedway racist.

Parker in NYC2 days ago

Those were some sad puns.

Movielover2 days ago

Funny since DCA 1.0 was nothing but puns!

Parker in NYC2 days ago

Ok, but DCA was a collective disaster. Magic Kingdom (an established park since 1971) won't, pardon the pun, sink or swim based on one attraction or even two.

Brer Panther2 days ago

Do you think they were at all tempted to add elements of the live action Lion King into the ride while they were developing these changes?

itsy bitsy spider2 days ago

I'm alright with it, it's not changing the whole ride like Tiana's Mountain will.

celluloid3 days ago

Just think of DCA. The guests may not always be able to articulate it, but the results speak for themselves.

Skywise3 days ago

At Kings Island you'll want to ride the Beast at least once during the day - But you MUST (to get the full experience) ride the Beast just before close in the dark of night (last hour - but as close to the last ride as possible) - In addition to the ride feeling like it behaves differently (some say the brakes are loosened up and they let the cars run faster - plus the track is almost pitch black in places) the audience in line is a whole different feel of diehard riders who egg the riders on.