Disney gives a look at the making of the new Jungle Cruise on both coasts as Disneyland opens its new version

24 days ago in "Jungle Cruise"

Posted: Friday July 9, 2021 12:02pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disneyland is welcoming guests to its brand-new Jungle Cruise experience today and Disney has shared a backstage look at creating the new props, characters and story for the classic ride on both coasts.

We hear from Kim Irvine, Executive Creative Director and Chris Beatty, Creative Portfolio Executive for Walt Disney World on working on a bicoastal effort.

Disney World's new Jungle Cruise is still being updated as the ride remains open to guests. Disney has not yet given a completion date for the Magic Kingdom edition, but they do expect to wrap up the work this summer.

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zakattack991 hour ago

No idea like I said just saw this on Twitter. If true my only guess is that Ziploc pitched a fit about being thrown under the bus twice with Splash. First being negatively portrayed when Disney announced that they would ban plastics the day after Ziploc announced their sponsorship. And second Disney branding the ride they sponsor racist with Splash. So this is What they agreed to to help smooth everything over. Like I said no idea if true but this is my 2 cents.

James Alucobond1 hour ago

Pre-emptive IP inclusion. Frozen 3 is going to be about Elsa running afoul of big refrigeration and storage because of her ice powers.

Notes from Neverland1 hour ago

Did their Splash Mountain sponsorship expire? That one at least made a little sense...

zakattack991 hour ago

Popped up on my Twitter. Is this new?

Incomudro12 hours ago

Generally, I agree with what you said here - and will often say things like this myself. But given the trend, I'm not optimistic. I'd prefer to be wrong.

Bocabear13 hours ago

WDW's Adventureland Entrance has always been less interesting than it's counterpart in California... But they did used to have torches around the entrance at night which were beautiful...Those are gone now, and the entrance is just a bare arbor... It would have been nice to have reconstructed it more like the Disneyland Entrance... More evocative of adventure than an arbor with stuff tied to it.... and the hut roofs on either side would have provided a little shade and shelter during rainstorms.

LittleBuford1 day ago

Maybe it's wise to wait for the project's completion before jumping to conclusions.

Archie1231 day ago

I'm guessing a guy drew that picture.

Incomudro1 day ago

Nothing spells adventure like the letters "Adventure." We'll just imagine what that means.

Brer Panther1 day ago

If natives in of themselves are being considered offensive now (I mean, there isn't anything really offensive about the MASK, right?), I wonder what that means for Moana.

mergatroid1 day ago

Can't say I even noticed the hook :D

Magicart871 day ago

Or this guy:

GimpYancIent1 day ago

Hey, since the Jungle Cruise is central to Adventure land and primates are emerging all over the place could an emblem or logo / representation evolve from something like this?

GimpYancIent1 day ago

Yeah, you are right. The hook? Not cartoony enough? Ahhhh too much cleavage, don't want to be slapped with an R rating? It's a thought though.