Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise to close for a near month long refurbishment in the Spring

Jan 01, 2015 in "Jungle Cruise"

Posted: Thursday January 1, 2015 12:58pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment in the Spring.

The closure will begin on April 13 through to May 8 2015, reopening to guests on May 9 2015.

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BugzMay 14, 2015

Will see it in July , hope it's running

marni1971May 14, 2015

It's only fair to mention I'm told that the ride is looking very very good at the moment.

Sage of TimeMay 11, 2015

I wouldn't want them in WDW.. they never seen to work right in DL.

Queenof<3<3May 11, 2015

I didn't like it at night. I couldn't see anything passed right next to the ship. The ship is lit on the sides but if you don't look exactly at the moment you pass by the thing you missed it. That being said you can forget about getting any clear pictures at night as evident from my photos.

gmajewMay 11, 2015

Way better at night... Just my little opinion though.

MonorailLoverMay 11, 2015

It seems it's gotten better at night now. o

sporadicMay 11, 2015

How is the cruise at night? We've always done it during the day, but I've heard mixed feelings about the cruise at night. Some say it's a completely different for the night element and highly recommend it, others say it's horrible because nothing is lit and you can't see anything. Curious how it is at night now after the refurb.

BalooChicagoMay 11, 2015

Did they bring back King Louie? (Ducks, runs ;))

George Lucas on a BenchMay 11, 2015

No piranhas?

Queenof<3<3May 11, 2015

Outside of temple

Queenof<3<3May 11, 2015

More craptastic pictures.

Queenof<3<3May 11, 2015

Unfortunately every time I went on it it was at night so I couldn't take decent pictures or video :( the temple does look great. To be honest everything from the props to animatronics and even the sound effects were improved on. I like the new monkey sound effect before entering the temple. Also the lions eating zebra scene had very noticeable updates sound effects. They must have repainted the spider webs because I've never seen them stand out. I think they also did something to the water like re dye it or something because it's was ridiculously foamy and visibly brown on the shwitzer falls. All animatronics were working flawlessly.

spectromagic04May 11, 2015

People on Twitter are raving about the new Temple lighting and how good all the audio animatronics move, but there is absolutely no video since the refurbishment.

wdwgreekMay 11, 2015

how so??