Latest look at 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' construction at EPCOT

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Journey of Water Inspired by Moana construction - September 22 2022
Posted: Friday September 23, 2022 10:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is the latest look at construction progress on 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' at EPCOT.


Since our last look, the rockwork is now much more green and weathered as the scenic artists continue adding more details.

Announced a few weeks ago at D23 Expo, Journey of Water Inspired by Moana will open Walt Disney World in late 2023.

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James Alucobond3 hours ago

I’m guessing that these are not only for lighting as Bioreconstruct said but also for the canopy. They’re placed in more or less the exact positions of the canopy supports in the concept art.

DCBaker3 hours ago

DonniePeverley1 day ago

And no doubt once this project is finished we'll get videos from the usual youtubers crying about how glorious the rocks are. Give me a break. Nothing at all i see in the apparent final pictures tells me this was worth gutting Epcot for half a decade.

CampbellzSoup1 day ago

Who has no kids?

ppete19751 day ago

I assumed the drone thing would have been approved by Disney and Universal since it is kind of free advertising and keeping the hype up for new attractions.. without directly coming from them. Clearly I over thought it. :)

lazyboy97o1 day ago

The helicopters fly over the parks rather frequently. The only park with restricted airspace is Magic Kingdom and that area only extends out to a portion of Epcot. You can book different tours over different parks and even single trips over all of them. That’s a lot easier than driving to different places to secretly launch a drone.

ppete19751 day ago

I guess it makes sense, thanks for the info. Ive always wondered with some of the shots they get.

Vegas Disney Fan1 day ago

I’ve often wondered if he’s a pilot for one of those companies. He gets some amazing shots, I also suspect he’s got some high quality zoom lenses.

ppete19751 day ago

I live in oklahoma, so no. I just assumed that most of the area that the pictures come from would be faa protected areas. And a drone would be more efficient than renting a helicopter constantly.

Kamikaze1 day ago

Its accurate. Though I'm pretty sure that he's the chopper pilot, just doesn't want to admit to that.

lazyboy97o1 day ago

You’ve never seen all of the helicopters flying overhead giving tours? There are a couple of companies that offer them for relatively cheap. There’s a heliport right next to I-4 just south of Universal Orlando Resort.

ppete19751 day ago

Can someone explain to me how bioreconstruct works? I know drone usage is prohibited at Disney and universal but they always have aerial photos of the parks. Are they affiliated with the parks? Are they using Google satellite or something? Always wondered. I did find an article/interview that he hires helicopters and dangles out the side taking pics... but that doesnt sound accurate to me.

Disstevefan11 day ago

Yes, of course, how silly of me, it's because of COVID. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

J45461 day ago

did they pause construction due to a global pandemic that killed millions worldwide?