Walt Disney Imagineering reaches major milestone at Journey of Water Inspired by Moana with the installation of Te Fiti

Dec 09, 2022 in "Journey of Water Inspired by Moana"

Posted: Friday December 9, 2022 8:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has shared an image of Te Fiti, now in position along the trail at Journey of Water Inspired by Moana at EPCOT.

In a post on Instagram, WDI said, " This is a momentous milestone for the project team as we continue to bring this experience to life for EPCOT guests in Late 2023. Congratulations to the team of Imagineers and all of our partners that made this happen!"

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Bocabear39 minutes ago

Getting a lot of play or not, and I personally liked that film a lot. It really was a blunder to not put it where it made sense... Even if they wanted to shoehorn it into Epcot, Create a proper Pacific Islands Pavilion for it in World Showcase... Put it in Animal Kingdom where it fits the idiom of the park, Put it in Adventureland to add another something to do... but not in the front of Epcot... I can hardly wait for Encanto in Tomorrowland...

SilentWindODoom7 hours ago

I went to the satellite to see if there was a place for a vehicle to make it to this place from offstage. From the looks of things, though, this seems to be existing. A roadway the exact same look and location was already leading into the building that was there. While popular culture as we know it isn't as huge on Moana as Frozen or the Renaissance titles, it's really taken told with children and any parent with young children I've heard talk about Disney+ in my personal life and in media mentions that their children constantly watch it. The Company no doubt knows that it's getting a lot of play.

Disstevefan118 hours ago


FigmentFan8218 hours ago

Nothing new about Moana's popularity. The film has been popular since it came out. Disney is slow with additions.

James Alucobond18 hours ago

Still being worked on in what sense? We've seen the entrance feature being tested, the waterfall at the back of the attraction turned on, and some of the pools partially filled. I would imagine the plumbing is essentially finished given the level of completion throughout the attraction even if some features are still being tested and adjusted. Water is presumably being pumped in from the new facility just north of Journey of Water.

GimpYancIent19 hours ago

Soooooo the plumbing is still being worked on? Really? Where is this water being pumped from? I guess the water will definitely be taking a journey.

Goofy Ninja19 hours ago

I don't know what the new fascination is with Moana. Great princess and all, but geez, at least put her where she makes a lick of sense.

James Alucobond1 day ago

Probably for vehicle access?

CntrlFlPete1 day ago

interesting hardware in the lower right of the 1st pic as well as in that hole above the rig.

J45461 day ago

seems like a really wide backstage pathway going into/out of the pumping station, wonder why its so wide?

DCBaker1 day ago

A few photos from today.

SilentWindODoom2 days ago

I wish half the mini-golf courses on property were more accessible. Although... can you now get a bus to the Swan Reserve and actually get dropped off close to Fantasia Gardens?

egg6 days ago

I didn’t even think of that!! I’m 100% convinced that this needs to be a mini golf course.

ToTBellHop6 days ago

This area might have once hosted golf balls but unfortunately the whole spine project was neutered.