Disney begins construction on 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' at EPCOT

Jun 01, 2021 in "Journey of Water Inspired by Moana"

'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' construction - June 1 2021
Posted: Tuesday June 1, 2021 10:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new month, and a new project appears to be getting underway at EPCOT with work beginning on 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana.'

Activity has picked up in the area, with construction crews actively working on the site.

There still isn't a great deal to see, but there are couple of cranes on site, and various tents setup throughout the area.

A couple of fairly large areas have been excavated for presumably foundation work and utilities.

According to Disney, this first-ever attraction based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film, “Moana,” will let guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting.

The new area will be located in what was Future World in approximately the area previously occupied by the Innoventions West building leading towards the Living Seas. Innoventions West and all the buildings on that side have beene demolished as part of the work.

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CntrlFlPete8 days ago

I imagine guest will be giving tubes such that they can enjoy the journey of water as they float downstream to the Seas w/ Nemo and friends?

Epcot82Guy9 days ago

That's not true! It was cleaned incredibly well from years 39-25. ;-) It's been the last 25 where it went all "bad offbrand hotel off 192"...

rle4lunch9 days ago

All while JII sits in the back like a ceiling fan that hadn't been cleaned in 40 years....

DCBaker11 days ago

Clamman7311 days ago

I tried to overlay 3 images. Google earth images of epcot water area and DAK gorilla falls area at same magnification and then a map of gorilla falls trail pretty much overlayed on those with trying to line up the path at same-ish magnification.

Haymarket200811 days ago

NO idea. Doesn't look like it.

HauntedMansionFLA11 days ago

Will the Journey of Water be the same size as Gorilla Falls over at DAK????

lazyboy97o12 days ago

What wasn’t? Being announced together does not contradict my statement.

Next Big Thing12 days ago

It wasn't though. It was announced at the same time as the OG Festival Center was at D23 Expo in 2019.

bhg46913 days ago

Yeah, the mirror they hang right before you go out is their "theme"... UGH..

FigmentFan8213 days ago

True, though evidently that one is literally supposed to be a "backstage exit" but I think that's pretty weak sauce for an explanation. 99% would not realize it was done on purpose (I certainly wouldn't if I hadn't read it on the interwebz first)

bhg46913 days ago

You can probably add Guardians to that list as well.. Its a very mundane hallway that feels very backstage to me.

FigmentFan8213 days ago

Seems par for the course over the past 5+ years as far as poor design goes (looking at you ridiculously long and basic exit hallways for Frozen and Toy Story Mania)

Epcot82Guy14 days ago

That's fair. Another option would have been something on the World Nature quadrant of the plaza. Something small and nature-focused to complete the circle would also work. And then arrange the entry to be "Land to Sea" maybe. It's better than the original, no doubt. It just quite isn't there for me.