'Muppets Haunted Mansion' joining the preshow at Muppet*Vision 3D

Sep 24, 2021 in "Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3-D"

Posted: Friday September 24, 2021 8:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will promote the upcoming release of "Muppets Haunted Mansion" on Disney+ with preview scenes in the preshow for Muppet*Vision 3D at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The updated preshow will begin October 1 2021.

You can also catch a unique "Muppets Haunted Mansion" Magic Shot from Disney PhotoPass at the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion from October 8 2021.

"Muppets Haunted Mansion" will debut on Disney+ starting October 8 2021.

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Cmdr_CrimsonOct 10, 2021

Which worries me what the fate of the Muppets are..After former Muppetteer Frank Oz had stated... “They don’t want me because I won’t follow orders and I won’t do the kind of Muppets they believe in,” he continued. Just how does Oz describe the new version of the Muppets? “The soul’s not there,” he said. “The soul is what makes things grow and be funny.” So, are they trying to Sesame Street-ize The Muppets? What are they trying to do them?

ThelazerOct 10, 2021

"and it's coming to Disney+". Straight CRINGE!!! To bad, they couldn't do something that fits into the theme of the Muppet 3D movie.. That would be asking to much I guess.

Cmdr_CrimsonOct 10, 2021

Oh you mean on how Matt Vogel doing Constantine as Kermit....😉🤣. I swear this how he had to get trained to become him I still find this film strange how they "get rid" of Whitmire's Kermit only to be "Replaced" by Vogel's Kermit.....

owlsandcoffeeOct 09, 2021

I think Rizzo is too "Steve" for anyone else to do. Look at how Kermit's been...Much love to Matt Vogel but I mean

Kirby86Oct 09, 2021

Corporate synergy!! The new special was alright it wasn't amazing but I had a few laughs. Like someone stated above Pepe and Gonzo don't have the same chemistry Gonzo and Rizzo have and it's noticeable. As for Kermits voice I'm sure the actor is doing his best and I wish him luck but he dosen't sound like Kermit to me.

Castle Cake ApologistOct 09, 2021

I honestly liked it a lot, but Kermit's voice really really bugged me every time he was on. I've seen better impersonators on YouTube.

Cmdr_CrimsonOct 09, 2021

I agree he looked too stiff and him working against Pepe just doesn't work whereas Rizzo had more chemistry with Gonzo..I don't understand why they couldn't get another Muppet performer to perform Rizzo after Whitmire's removal..

WondersOfLifeOct 09, 2021

As for the actual film this new pre-show is based on....... I thought it was just okay. Is it just me or did Gonzo's puppetry seem... Off? Less animated? Also, GOD I hate the new Kermit voice.

Cmdr_CrimsonOct 02, 2021

Let's see how lazy they are for it to get back to the regular preshow.....Look at how long they had Constantine on it..

WondersOfLifeOct 01, 2021


Cmdr_CrimsonOct 01, 2021

Here's the full preshow...

WondersOfLifeSep 30, 2021

Yikes. At least the Most Wanted snips were just confusing, but we got to keep the pre-show. The whole Pre-Show is supposed to get you ready to go for the show. It's the equivalent of, say, advertising a Dinosaur film reboot for the preshow in Dinosaur's queue. I think they should just install TVs in Pizzerizzo and do their muppet promoting there. Or put a preview film in the Walt Disney theatre.

insert name hereSep 30, 2021

Hopefully it's just there until Halloween is over.

DCBakerSep 30, 2021

Just a snippet. More video -