'it's a small world' closing for short refurbishment in late July 2021

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Posted: Monday July 12, 2021 9:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's "it's a small world" is scheduled to be closing for a short refurbishment later this month.

The ride will close on July 27 through July 29, reopening to guests on July 30 2021. The closure may be related to removing the large amounts of queue area plexiglass walls that were installed in 2020.

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mnelson31 hour ago

They going to paint the rest?

mnelson31 hour ago

Wish their bring back the fountains. Small thing but it was cool.

Bocabear12 hours ago

At least they didn't paint it pink! A missed opportunity to have gone back to the 1971 color scheme for the loading hall....which would have been a wonderful surprise.

ImperfectPixie1 day ago

Me too! I wish they'd carried the colors out a bit further and lessened their use the further they got from the clock...but I do like it.

LittleBuford1 day ago

I like it very much. The accent-wall effect works very well.

COProgressFan1 day ago

I thought the same thing!

the.dreamfinder1 day ago

It’s very reminiscent of the time they repainted the communicore/Innoventions buildings because “why not?”.

Brian1 day ago

It's like they just ran out of paint. Either go with colors like in Hong Kong or leave it as white like Disneyland.

the.dreamfinder2 days ago

Thanks, I hate it!

JustInTime2 days ago

I’m not 100% sure. But the ride went down for refurbishment and this was done during that time. Seems odd if they were planning to do it all why they would do in sections. But I’m hoping they do!

Disstevefan13 days ago

Bobby C loves to paint stuff. Its fast, cheap, and folks notice. It does look good - see! Bobby C was right :)

James Alucobond3 days ago

Are we sure they won't? It's a pretty simple area to work on while the park is closed that doesn't really require scaffolding or anything.

Speedy713 days ago

Yeah........I Don't like it.

Bocabear3 days ago

They spent the paint budget on the new "art installation" on I drive....