PHOTOS - 'it's a small world' exterior refurbishment

Nov 09, 2020 in "it's a small world"

it's a small world exterior refurbishment - November 2 2020
Posted: Monday November 9, 2020 9:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'it's a small world' at the Magic Kingdom is currently behind scrims for an exterior refurbishment.

The entire facade of the building is behind the scrim, suggesting fairly extensive work. The ride remains open for business as normal during the work.

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rick_Dec 19, 2020

looks like the tarps have come down

wedenterprisesDec 17, 2020

I like this entrance much better lol

the.dreamfinderDec 17, 2020

Costs too much money.

MerlinTheGoatDec 17, 2020

That has always been there, just given different colors throughout the years. It was blue in the 70s and 80s.

Homemade ImagineeringDec 17, 2020

Not that I’d necessarily want it to happen, but since the Disney character treatment was rumored for WDW at one point, couldn’t they easily install some of them one by one? They’re not complicated figures, and they could just fabricate everything they made for Tokyo and send it over to MK. To me this seems like something they could do as a part of the 50th, without having to spend too much CapEx. It would also align well with the paint scheme enhancements taking place right now, and WDW’s IASW could use some love.

KikoKeaDec 16, 2020

That area is frequently a bottleneck, so if that pink-striped gazebo is part of the redo, it won't help pedestrian flow.

Homemade ImagineeringDec 14, 2020

Seems like it. I mean, WDI did file a permit for new graphic installation, so I’m assuming something new is coming.

Magic FeatherDec 14, 2020

I think that entrance is temporary now...

Notes from NeverlandDec 14, 2020

Sure hope that sign is temporary.

Brer OswaldNov 25, 2020


larryzNov 15, 2020

It's a scrim of color, a scrim of size And it's so bright you'll have to close your eyes There's so much color there You will tear out your hair It's a big, tall wall of scrim. It's a tall scrim after all It's a tall scrim that's a wall We sure hope it doesn't fall It's a tall, tall, scrim.

LastoneOnNov 09, 2020

Do you think they got that sign from vistaprint or the local Staples?

Walt dNov 09, 2020

Oh” no Bobby is at it looks like the out side if a 5 and dime now. Some body needs the color changing glasses cleaned. Yuck”