Italy Pavilion's Enoteca Castello at EPCOT repainted with a new look

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New color scheme at Enoteco Castello
Posted: Thursday July 15, 2021 2:32pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Enoteca Castello at the Italy pavilion in EPCOT has been repainted with a new look.

Located on the right side of the pavilion next to the recently opened Gelateria Tuscana gelato shop, Enoteca Castello sells a range of Italian wines.

The previous faded look has been replaced with a deeper vivid color.

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FigmentFan8213 days ago

once again, I'm reading forums threads about paint. what a time to be alive!

GimpYancIent13 days ago

The natural weathering and aging process hopefully will (since you mention the castle) fade out the pink. As for Italy it looks just fine and will only improve with age just like quality vino.

The Empress Lilly13 days ago

I prefer the more rustic look over the new Disney Springs one. Is WS slated to follow in the footsteps of the MK and DL and get repainted in a brighter, more vivid, more cartoony colour palette? 🎨

Bocabear13 days ago

And at that time there were those that said they painted it that awful purple-blue color because it would fade in time and then look While this building at least they could add some aging detail to it which would help, I don't believe the goal was ever to paint anything horribly garish knowing that in a few years it would look about right. not to say this is horrible garish...just a bit too dark...and flat next to the other buildings.

Disstevefan113 days ago

I think we saw this actually happen yes? The blue roof color on Cinderella's castle in WDW was repainted a iridescent blue then they repainted it again to a different blue.

TikibirdLand13 days ago

This color discussion reminds me of all the shows on HGTV. Oh Karen, that gray clashes with the the robin blue I selected for the entry way. maybe a gray with a touch of lavender will help. And, you have the audience saying, No! that gray is perfect! You have no taste! :rolleyes:

LittleBuford13 days ago

It’s interesting to note that this new colour is closer to what was intended for the pavilion back in 1982:

Disstevefan113 days ago

Yes, I am sure there is a lot he doesn’t know about.. I just like to make jokes about Bobby. But I like to imagine there could have been a company wide memo from Bobby, “Paint stuff! It’s fast cheap and folks notice!”

peter1143513 days ago

You realize he has no idea this is even happening right?

Figments Friend14 days ago

I would say further back then that.... Sadly. -

cookiee_munster14 days ago

It is a bit of a strange concept, painting something, only for it to look "ideal" in a few years time. In the meantime it gets to look like the contrast/saturation level has been whacked upto an 11. Much like barbies dream castle over at Magic Kingdom.

Bocabear14 days ago

So, delay your vacation to WDW because the paint is going to look right in a couple years.... That is a ridiculous idea...the paint it supposed to look perfect when the project is complete... not after weathering... Now you can prepare for the end result, but it should never start out looking bad.

dreamfinder14 days ago

Don't remember where I saw/heard this, but exteriors are usually painted so they will look ideal in a few years time. As PPs have pointed out, allows for Mother Nature to come in and help with the sun and rain to naturally weather it.

Texas8417 days ago

Love it.