Inspiration: Through Walt's Eyes

Walt Disney World

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The millions of people who grew up watching Walt Disney on television every Sunday evening in the 1950’s and 60’s knew him as a dreamer and doer. Just as he was one of the first to embrace the new TV medium, Walt Disney was a pioneer who inspired a ground-breaking entertainment experience – the Theme Park. Discover the events and milestones in Walt Disney’s life that inspired many of the fine details and experiences found throughout the Walt Disney World® Resort.

During this unforgettable 3-hour adventure, you will hear insightful stories about Walt Disney’s life and career. Learn about the life-changing events that inspired Walt Disney, which drove him to pursue his dreams and reach greater heights. Discover not only how Walt Disney was inspired, but also how he inspired those around him. Journey to places most Guests never get to explore and see the Walt Disney World Resort in a new way: through Walt Disney’s eyes.

Each Guest will receive an exclusive pin.

Disney's Hollywood Studios: It's off to Sunset Boulevard, where you'll explore Walt Disney’s legacy in Hollywood – the city he helped define – and see how “Tinseltown” transformed him into an American icon.

Event & Decorating Support: Journey backstage to visit the talented team responsible for planning and executing thousands of grand-scale signature events across Walt Disney World Resort every year.

Magic Kingdom Park: On Main Street, U.S.A., learn the “language of vision” spoken by Walt Disney Imagineers, who designed three-dimensional stories throughout this turn-of-the-century thoroughfare inspired by Walt Disney’s childhood.

The "Utilidor" System: Journey beneath the Magic Kingdom Park to visit the secret support area inspired by Walt Disney's vision of a multi-layered city.


- Typically offered Friday, Sunday and Monday at 9am
- 3 hours duration
- Ages 16 and up
- $99 +tax