Meet and greets return to the Imagination pavilion and Mexico at EPCOT

Jan 25, 2022 in "Imagination! (Pavilion)"

Vanellope and Joy meet and greet at ImageWorks - January 2021
Posted: Tuesday January 25, 2022 11:29am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Character meet and greets have returned to two more locations at EPCOT this week as Walt Disney World continues returning entertainment to the parks.

Indoors at the Imagination Pavilion, you can now meet Vanellope and Joy in the ImageWorks area.

Over at the Mexico pavilion, Donald Duck #1 is back in his purpose built meet and greet area.

As at all the  reopened meet and greets, there is no physical contact, and a barrier keeps guests a distance from the characters. You do get individual time with the characters, and there is usually a PhotoPass photographer at each location.

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jrhwdw31 days ago

No Comment..........

gerarar31 days ago

There never was a year. For all we know it could come back February 2026.. ;)

jrhwdw31 days ago

Remember F! Feb 2021............................ Still Waiting TDO!!!!!!!!

ToTBellHop31 days ago

Remember the rumor that DHS would get several new shows as part of its “rebirth” in the 2010s?

Anteater31 days ago

We're VERY HAPPY to see it return to precovid version. Maybe because we don't visit the part as much as others, BatB show is always on our MUST DO list. I mean, that clip demonstrates it clearly: Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the Beast We get all choked up hearing that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

DisneyDreamer0831 days ago

Remember the rumor years ago that it was being changed to Tangled? That would have been awesome.

Disney AnalystApr 27, 2022

And that’s the truth.

RSoxNo1Apr 27, 2022

Glad to see it, but also this show needs to end 15 years ago.

mm52200Apr 24, 2022

They never left MDX or the WDW website. None of those offerings have officially closed but things are pretty quiet currently about them returning.

jrhwdwApr 24, 2022

Yeah we're halfway there!!! I still want the reg Royal Court Finale and the Kiss! Mickey/Minnie have been kissing in FOF.... As for BATB, it's a small but great start! There's still work to do.... 1 other thing....which may be nothing... Looks like MDE re did its Schedule Page and it now shows Citizens of both Hollywood and Main Street along with the Trolley Show. Granted, it says its Temp Unavailable but I'm pretty sure those offerings weren't even on MDE before Easter...

mm52200Apr 24, 2022

Obviously no major staging/choreo changes yet but it’s nice to see them allowing them to atleast touch now.

DCBakerApr 24, 2022

Nick_AApr 23, 2022

I’ve only seen “summer.” If I had to guess I would say around Memorial Day, but that’s just a guess.

Disney AnalystApr 22, 2022

I think all we have gotten is summer, no firm date yet.