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These pictures show a backstage view of Epcot's Ultimate Nighttime spectacular, IllumiNations. From setup of the equipment in the marina, through transportation to the lagoon and finally to the show! Also take a look at the very special pictures of INSIDE the laser booths at the American Adventure, Mexico, Canada, and inside the Laser Barge (Ball) floating in the center of the lagoon! This unique look at IllumiNations has been made possible by three great guys who work on the show, Brendan, Rob and Lee.

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The marina where the show barges and support boats are stored between shows.  Show pyro is stored in this area, and each barge is loaded here before being driven out into the lagoon for the show.
These aerial shots were taken by GLB, visit his web site for more aerial shots of theme parks.
This huge floating globe is the center of the IllumiNations Show, and is called the Laser Barge. For each show, it is brought out and secured in the center of the lagoon.
The Laser Barge parked in the marina back stage.
The Laser Barge leaving the marina.
This is INSIDE the Laser Barge. One of the lasers is shown running from left to right in the photo.
The control hardware inside the Laser Barge.
This floating barge is called a Maxi Barge, and there are 4 used during the show.
Each Maxi Barge faces a quarter of the World Showcase area.
The Maxi Barge also serves as launch platform for the fireworks.
A closeup of the Maxi Barge firework tubes.
These Maxi Barges provide a screen of water to display laser graphics on.
Inside the Maxi Barge. A housing for control equipment, and also a bunker for technicians to remain on the barge during the show.
The Maxi Barge.
The new Bernie Barges (named after their designer) built for IllumiNations 25.
The Bernie Barge.
The Bernie Barge being postioned in the lagoon.
The Maxi Barges parked in the marina. The pyro compound is just to the left.
View of the barges from the dockside.
The Laser Barge being driven out from the Marina.
The Laser Barge docked in the marina.
The laser booth in the American Adventure.
The laser booth in Canada.
Mexico Laser Booth.
Show Manager's main Control Pad (on the roof of Mexico). Each of the large buttons represents a barge in the show, which can be shut down.
The Laser Barge being driven through the open bridge into the lagoon.
The Laser Barge being driven out.
The bridge open and a Maxi Barge passing through it.
A view back towards the marina from inside the lagoon.
Crews securing the barge.
Show hardware
Show hardware
The lagoon setup.
A view of the lagoon from one of the boats.
The view towards Mexico.
Show hardware
Show hardware

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