Last chance to see Walt Disney World's 50th-anniversary nighttime spectaculars - Harmonious at EPCOT and Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom

Mar 31, 2023 in "Harmonious"

Posted: Friday March 31, 2023 11:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's two 50th anniversary firework shows are coming to a close this weekend, giving you just a few more opportunities to catch them before they are replaced on April 3.

EPCOT's Harmonious will have its final performance on April 2, 2023. You can see our multi-angle full show video of Harmonious below.

Harmonious will be replaced with EPCOT Forever as an interim show, debuting on April 3, 2023 at 9pm. A brand-new EPCOT firework show will debut later in 2023.

At Magic Kingdom, Disney Enchantment will have its final performance on April 2, 2023, with the eagerly awaited return of Happily Ever After taking place at 9pm on April 3, 2023.

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Hakunamatata3 hours ago

Maybe they are going to stream the show to everyones smartphone negating the need for lagoon hardware?

manutdfan14 hours ago

Will there be the July 4th tag this year?

jrhwdw5 hours ago

Very true! I was typing on the fly earlier.

monorail815 hours ago

There were times the ROE Globe was down and they still performed Illuminations….so, it CAN be done. C’mon! We should all be used to missing show elements by this point.…..

TTA946 hours ago

That’s my thought. Very unusual we haven’t gotten more info on this show if it’s supposed to debut in a couple months. Strange things happen especially now a days but you’d think they’d want to promote this more for the fall. Seems more likely they’ll save the announcement for Destination D23 in September and debut this show next year.

GhostHost100010 hours ago

fixed your post :)

wdwmagic11 hours ago

yeah that photo is from this morning.

jrhwdw11 hours ago

So this is new???? I saw something yesterday on Twitter, I didn't click on it because I thought it was old news and Harm was completely out of WSL.

jrhwdw11 hours ago

We don't have ROE'S Globe remember....

MisterPenguin11 hours ago

I hope they'll be putting them back but 20 feet to the left.

TDLFan12 hours ago

If they don't, for goodness sakes, at least bring back Holiday Illuminations to close out the year!

MagicHappens197112 hours ago

I don’t see how they could have a new show up and running by the end of the year but let’s hope

wdwmagic12 hours ago

They are ripping out the docking points from harmonious - this is a big job.

TTA945 days ago

Off subject but I hope their next project is a new show for DAK. I don’t see what else entertainment wise would be in the works. As far a nighttime parade goes it’s highly likely to be MSEP so no work needed there. No rumors on any daytime parades. I think someone said WDW will likely wait for a new show at DAK until the rumored new land is constructed. But I would think they may a new or temp show there during the construction to draw guests in?