Full POV video of EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular Harmonious

Sep 30, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Posted: Thursday September 30, 2021 6:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Harmonious made its debut at EPCOT last night, the first of two new Walt Disney World nighttime spectaculars.

Here is a look at the entire show from a fixed position in Italy as viewed by a guest in the park, offering a different prospective to the multi-angle view of the official live stream from last night.

Although officially opening October 1, Harmonious will also continue its public previews tonight at 9pm.

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kevinitobrownie17 hours ago

That was how I felt when I saw it last week. It was underwhelming. What I find more fascinating is that I found the show at flow blast underwhelming too. I know this isn't the case, but it would be cool if this meant that this show tenure won't last. IF not, hopefully it is temporary.

kevinitobrownie17 hours ago

I absolutely agree!

kalel81453 days ago

I hope this was just a fluke or something. I've watched this on YouTube but looking forward to seeing it in person.

wishiwere@wdw3 days ago

I’ve seen the show probably upwards of 20 times. To say the show this past Monday was underwhelming is a understatement. Lots of pyro missing. I had thought it might be the wind (and very well could have been for at least the perimeters at the end) but after seeing the reports here and the fact that I’ve seen the show in worse weather, I’m guessing not. Hopefully this is temporary.

helenabear3 days ago

I hear you. Barge free too I hope. We started to watch this in March but quickly moved on to rides for extended hours instead. It really did not appeal to us. I only saw videos of EF but it looked better.

Kevin-brownie4 days ago

You’re not wrong. I will be alright. Glad people can enjoy this show, BUT I cannot wait until it’s time Epcot is over. Hopefully the next show will be better.

Vinnie Mac4 days ago

It's only 20 minutes long, you'll be alright

Vinnie Mac4 days ago

This is a bit of a dramatic assumption. This isn't the first time B-mode has been used for the show. They usually do this for like a month and then come back with the original pyro, sometime the sequence is even improved.

wtyy214 days ago

I think most of pyro leftover from EF will slowly become permanent, along with few original Harmonious pyro that will remain. However, original finale feels incredible compare to weak EF-style finale.

kevinitobrownie5 days ago

It seemed like a lot of pyro was missing from the show tonight. I really hope this show does not last for too long. I really have hard time wrapping my head around the idea that this is a good show. Even with new Epcot it feels so off.

peter114358 days ago

Not at all.

jrhwdw8 days ago

Tink was in Enchantment last night. A Fluke maybe?????

Vinnie Mac9 days ago

Was the weather bad?

peter114359 days ago

Lots of pyro missing tonight