Full POV video of EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular Harmonious

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Posted: Thursday September 30, 2021 6:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Harmonious made its debut at EPCOT last night, the first of two new Walt Disney World nighttime spectaculars.

Here is a look at the entire show from a fixed position in Italy as viewed by a guest in the park, offering a different prospective to the multi-angle view of the official live stream from last night.

Although officially opening October 1, Harmonious will also continue its public previews tonight at 9pm.

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jrhwdw20 hours ago

No, did some digging. Seems like Harm had copyright issues with UMG now. Honestly!

Communicora21 hours ago

I'm seeing videos of Harmonious on YouTube. Perhaps the creator you watched pulled their video.

jrhwdw1 day ago

So........is Harm copyrighted now??????? It wasn't when the 50th started. The Epcot Streams I watched last night are gone! If no one can stream Harm. I'll change my opinion real Quick!!!!!!! Merriest AH better not pull that!!!!!!!

fgmnt3 days ago

So I am on the train back home after a weekend with friends I had not been able to visit in 2 years because of the pandemic. I missed them dearly and was glad to take 3 days out of the 5 I was there to visit the parks. Held Harmonious for my last night. As they work and are in school, they didn't want to take any time out to see the show before my visit. We were able to secure a spot front and center at port of entry. I can't really gauge how empty the show feels without looking directly at the Stargate, but it certainly felt important from there. Pyro feels light but I can't tell if it's a pandemic thing. Soundtrack punched above my expectations but the lack of unifying theme is so obvious (an earlier post defending the choice by saying a 30 year old show that existed 3 shows ago in MK did the same is... a choice!) The show is technically impressive but given the known financial investment and obvious uhh, onstage presence investment (?) this feels like it met a high bar it set for itself. The theme of using Disney songs? Mixed. I think the company has told so many stories that represent or draw origins in cultures and places outside of North America and Western Europe since RoE debuted over 20 years ago. That being said, a very well executed sequence pulled from the Princess and the Frog felt so out of place. Nothing in EPCOT evokes the American South. The castle parks do. The mainline Disney princesses (from Western European stories and fables) lived on the periphery of EPCOT for years but now feel like invaders unsatisfied with owning the castle park. How have we not reached The Lion King fatigue yet? Mind-blowing that it made it in the show. I guess I need to disclose how much of a weirdo I am. The first product I purchased at WDW with my own (allowance) money in elementary school was the Reflections of Earth CD. I don't think that meant RoE needed to stay forever, I think it needed a sequel. EPCOT deserves a technically impressive and large scale show. If Magic Kingdom is a celebration of the work that brought the parks to life, EPCOT should be a standard for what the division can achieve. The World Showcase is the largest single "stage" on property (I guess if you went through a Traditions class, you would say that the whole guest facing property is onstage, but I hope you understand what I mean). A picturesque vista from anywhere across the sprawling lagoon indefinitely marred by these hulking structures. They are far more imposing and noticeable while in the park during the day than any picture can capture. The decision to shrink the stage of the World Showcase lagoon into the 5 black monoliths in the dead center of the water was made by people who frankly have never been to EPCOT as a guest. I'm not levying any purity/litmus test to EPCOT in 1982, but I mean even as a cast member who takes a free day to stroll around the park. It's baffling. If you move these structures to the edge feature around the RoL seating in Animal Kingdom, you're cooking with gas. I don't really know what to expect over the next 6 months to 16 years with this, but those floats simply can't stay in the lagoon that long. I refuse to believe it.

Jeremy Geertsema3 days ago

Having now seen it in person - it is visually impressive. The aftershow as well is also well done. I think my biggest issue is the lack of connectivity. It's like opener, song montage celebration, and closer - there's no line connecting them all. It especially seems off the rails when the Dig A Little Deeper section begins - celebrating America I guess? On their own, I believe each sequence works - just needs more flow. As for finally seeing the barges in-person, I think the nighttime Harmonious visuals make up for their appearance in the daytime. When they begin to test the fountains in the evening prior to the show - they look decent, but I suppose it costs them money to keep them on all the time? Just keep the dang things on.

Epcot82Guy4 days ago

I do have a genuine question for those who enjoy it. Do you truly enjoy it as is? Or, if it had a more cohesive narrative and connection between the songs, do you think you would like it just as much? I say that because it seems there are two camps coming from the negativity. There is obviously the Epcot purism/non-IP argument. But, the more common issue I'm hearing is that it lacks a story or inspiration or connection to Epcot's inspiration/real world narrative. That seems easier to fix, since that's creativity and story telling - which, in theory, doesn't cost any more. I'm almost in the camp where I would be open to seeing an "Epcot-y" version of this show (IP and all). I just want good, layered, aspirational story telling back. So, I wonder if that's the third option that could help bring everyone on board - or if the fans who like this really like something about it the way it is.

WondersOfLife4 days ago


DKampy4 days ago

Yeah…I agree…I thought that was a bit of stretch… when he told me… nonetheless I was surprised by the reactions in the park was vastly different then the forums

James Alucobond4 days ago

No, but nothing was ever going to be.

mandstaft4 days ago

Is it worth all the barges on the lagoon?

WondersOfLife4 days ago

Yikes. It’s good. But not that good.

DKampy5 days ago

Agreed 100 percent… just got back from a trip myself…hate to tell the Epcot purists… this show is bonafide hit with the populous…I even had more than one person ask me randomly if I had seen Harm while waiting in line and tell me it’s great… one told me it’s the best nighttime show Disney has ever done

WondersOfLife5 days ago

Watched Harmonius in the front center of the lagoon viewing tonight. I thought it was really good. The barges are not necessary at all though. It’s a shame the structures look so ugly. They could have done more of a world of color thing with the projections for sure. The actually spectacular concept itself would be better than MK’s. And it should have gone to MK LOL.

Jwhee5 days ago

It is a fun show. It is very sad to think such a meaningful song “promise” has been replaced by a “fun Disney fountain” post show. overall huge downgrade to the dignity of World showcase.