Pressure washing and painting underway on the first of EPCOT Harmonious show platform barges

18 days ago in "Harmonious"

Painting and cleaning Mexico barge for Harmonious
Posted: Tuesday April 27, 2021 11:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Mexico show platform is currently receiving new paint and a thorough pressure wash cleaning.

This was the first of the Harmonious barges to be brought out into World Showcase Lagoon in December 2020.

Painting crews are applying deep black paint to parts of the structure, along with pressure washing.

As you can see from the Canada barge, the weather is already taking a toll on the appearance.

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mnelson34 hours ago

Likely many have the intention of hopping over to MK. My guess is it will be possible to go from MK to Epcot, but not so much Epcot to MK.

trainplane34 hours ago

I'm pretty sure that's because Rat opens on 10/1. Which seems odd on MKs anniversary.

mnelson34 hours ago

Not only ugly but now creepy lol.

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

mnelson34 hours ago

Should be a difficult decision, well for some lol, if MK does have a 50th tag on the 1st. Plus the debut of the 50th projections. For me MKs official day only comes once in a lifetime. Even though it’s a 18 month long celebration and 2022 will have a lot more going on, hopefully, there’s still something special about being at MK On the actual day. I’ll settle for Harms second performance.

WondersOfLife5 hours ago

That means nothing to me

The Aracuan Bird6 hours ago

It’s an E Ticket.

WondersOfLife6 hours ago

Rockin Roller Coaster is filler for many people who don’t like thrills. Opinions don’t equal facts.

flynnibus6 hours ago

I must have missed all the TV spots with people walking through the local expo/trade show... err I mean Innovations.

Figments Friend7 hours ago

So I see Epcot is now 'booked solid' as far as Park Reservation availibility goes for all tiers on October 1st. Knew that would happen once the internal murmurings hit mainstream... -

DreamfinderGuy7 hours ago

For the longest time, yes, yes it was. It was heavily pushed in advertising, it was the literal core of the park, it was *the* EPCOT headliner in the mid to late 90's. After that, sure, filler.

The Aracuan Bird7 hours ago

Innoventions was a collection of smaller exhibits. It wasn’t a marquee attraction. You might have planned your trip around visiting it, but most guests didn’t. They came for Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Soarin, and the world showcase food. Stuff like Innoventions and LWTL provide nice breaks in between the bigger stuff. They might be treasures to the hardcore fans, but they serve as filler for the one timers.

WondersOfLife7 hours ago

I really enjoyed the Spectaculab, I actually wish that could have stayed/gotten a new location at Epcot. It was neat!

DreamfinderGuy7 hours ago

No it wasn't. If you want to make the argument of anything in there being filler, look at the Spectaculab. The exhibit they only signed for a year because they knew Innoventions would still be around for another year due to Glidden's Colortopia contract. That was pure filler as it was never intended to stay there.