PHOTOS - Electrical work continues in World Showcase Lagoon for Harmonious show barges

Dec 21, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious electrical work in World Showcase Lagoon

Crews are continuing installing the first of the Harmonious show barges this week, with work taking place on the main electrical panel in the center of World Showcase Lagoon.

A work barge has been docked alongside the panel all week for what appears to be work related to integrating the first barge into the power and control infrastructure.

There are 3 more of the large 'fin' show barges to be installed, along with the large central ring. All are currently in teh backstage marina in various levels of completion. At least one more of the large 'fin' barges is expected to be put in place by the end of the year.

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Article Posted: Dec 21, 2020 / 4:00pm ET
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MisterPenguin4 hours ago

Good news! They fixed the stargate from being off-centered!!....

Plutoboy864 hours ago

Also. Not sure if anyone noticed in the video of the icon platform being brought out that Disney posted, but these barges are not drivable. They are pushed by tugs. So moving them nightly would not be feasible. Also I’m going to take a wild guess here, but do to the onboard show action, lighting, and fountain equipment, power consumption is quite large. Considering this, the size of genny needed on board would be the size of the barge. So my guess is power, data and water lines come up into the mooring docks they are attached to. The chains seems to be guides to keep the platforms from moving positions.

Plutoboy864 hours ago

They have been switching a lot of their go to brands for outside use to the Proteus. They also recently swapped over both of their Disneyland resort parades routes to LED pars (SL Punchlite 220s) from the decaying Thomas Engineering Pars. They seem to be going more IP65 rated instead of using enclosures.

Plutoboy864 hours ago

I caught that after I typed it and corrected it!

concor5 hours ago

Close but wrong brand, the Proteus Hybrid is made by Elation, not VL.

MisterPenguin5 hours ago


Plutoboy865 hours ago

Plutoboy865 hours ago

They are Elation Proteus Hybrids. IP65 rated. Same moving light used around the Castle moat.

rreading6 hours ago

It really is insane. Projection technology is good enough that simply raising screens should have served as a fine backdrop rather than these monster tacos. It works great on Cinderella’s castle - why shouldn’t it here? But I suppose they’re projecting water in front of the screens. @marni1971 - could it be feasible to place tracks in the canal and have the pieces pulled along a rail?

MrPromey6 hours ago

For some reason I read that whole thing in the voice of Gordon Ramsay. 🤷‍♂️

JohnD7 hours ago

The UK Pavilion is looking great! Love that authentic replication of the London Ferris Wheel. It’s not? Oh. Never mind.

LorangeJuice8 hours ago

Oh, it gets better. Check out some of the recent youtube videos of different angles around WS Lagoon. In some of the areas where you could get a decent angle to see the ring even thought it's not head on, I think it's somewhere in the Canada area, one of the taco barges blocks it completely, and it's the end of the taco looking into it where the arms are tucked; not the taco shell where the display is, so you literally see nothing except for maybe whatever pyro is planned! There's 2 more tacos coming! Between the arms, tacos, restaurants, America Gardens Theater, etc., I really think there might be a whopping 25% of WS that gets an unobstructed view of the ring and a taco or two. And I'm not even trying to hate right now.

Lands of Wonder9 hours ago

What gets me is not only the sight line of these hideous barges but the functionality. Can anyone justify use for permanent LED screens for a nighttime show. COME ON this has got to be a joke. Then you have these arms that come out for lighting effects and a ring for water images. What the heck are they thinking. The views around the lake are going to be compromised just for getting in their own way. If they can have 8 arms for lighting can’t they go the extra mile and have the stupid ring break into 2 pieces during the day. Even better, why dontThey have 2 arms on the barges one for a water screen instead of the LED’s there’s so many ways around this monstrosity this is literally the dumbest idea Disney has ever had. They couldn’t even keep up the Fountian of Nations and now they have this monstrosity? Does this show even have a Sponsor? Maybe it’s a billboard company sponsoring the show. Maybe this is a billboard exhibit.

cmb50029 hours ago

Meh. Minor leagues compared to the Ori, Replicators, or Wraith. They never even played outside of their division (galaxy).