PHOTOS - Electrical work continues in World Showcase Lagoon for Harmonious show barges

Dec 21, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious electrical work in World Showcase Lagoon
Posted: Monday December 21, 2020 4:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews are continuing installing the first of the Harmonious show barges this week, with work taking place on the main electrical panel in the center of World Showcase Lagoon.

A work barge has been docked alongside the panel all week for what appears to be work related to integrating the first barge into the power and control infrastructure.

There are 3 more of the large 'fin' show barges to be installed, along with the large central ring. All are currently in teh backstage marina in various levels of completion. At least one more of the large 'fin' barges is expected to be put in place by the end of the year.

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castlecake2.023 minutes ago

Yah I really notice it most from Showcase Plaza, once you get further back it’s not as in your face. I’d prefer they were not there, but IllumiNations started getting carted out early afternoon anyways, it’s not like it popped up 10 mins before showtime. Saying that, I wish we had a CEO that would be daring enough to spend the money on a world of color style show system, but not sure if that’s feasible in that size of a Lagoon.

Vinnie Mac31 minutes ago

Yeah I notice this to. Some pictures and videos make the barges seem either really big or sort of small. Guess it all depends on positioning. I'm sure the fireworks will also affect the scale of it depending on how impactful they are. Also, I'm glad to hear your friend enjoyed the testing! That's a great sign that he likes the show that much. I remember watching a vlog from Kevin Heimbach a couple of months ago and he said that the people who saw it from inside the park told him that it was good "but nothing life changing".

castlecake2.02 hours ago

It’s weird, with how big the infrastructure is I feel I really only notice it from the front of world showcase, once you’re further back they don’t seem to be as in your face. My friend had super early shift at Epcot a couple days ago and saw some of the testing and they said it literally took their breath away, so there’s that at least.

Vinnie Mac12 hours ago

Also yeah lol. The 29th, 30th, 1st are all gonna be full of critical and lifelong Epcot and Illuminations: ROE fans lol. I'm sure many of them would be ready to set the whole park on fire if one wrong move is made in HarmonioUS (like an upbeat exit.) 😂

Vinnie Mac12 hours ago

I feel like I somewhat share this sentiment with you but for the most part I don't. Wishes didn't have an upbeat end to it but it didn't need to because the emotions it carried along with it were good enough. For the World Showcase, a part of a theme park that was built off of the idea of real world themes and a firework show also half based on us, humanity. I feel like "Someday" might be one of the best song choices besides "We Go On". We Go On wasn't super upbeat but it didn't need to be. It was [part of a show that reflected and celebrated the real world. The real world isn't always upbeat. Sometimes, it's sad but it can create hope. We Go On didn't make us dance. It made us sit down, reflect, and look toward the future as one. Enchantment might have a more upbeat exit song which I am okay with! But as far as HarmonioUS goes, I personally don't think it'll have one and it doesn't need an upbeat exit. If I'm not left in tears after the show while reflecting on humanity, I don't want the show. That's just my take lol.

Giss Neric13 hours ago

Why do they keep pushing and inserting Brave. Far more better options.

Figments Friend13 hours ago

All of Orlando will be at the Magic Kingdom on the 29th..... The 29th is the 'final' showing of 'Happily Ever After'. Everyone will then move over to Epcot on the evening of the 30th to view 'Harmonius'. The days have just shifted more ways then one. -

mnelson314 hours ago

So I guess all of Orlando will be at Epcot on the 29th instead of the 2nd? 🤣

Figments Friend15 hours ago

Wow...... So the debut is now the 29th? Sweet, first full day/ night I'm in town. I have other plans...but nice to know this is happening. -

mnelson315 hours ago

Nothing wrong with a non upbeat song. Just my own preference lol.

jrhwdw15 hours ago

We Go On wasn't upbeat either and it's the best finale in the IllumiNations Series. Of course the upbeat part of ROE was right before We Go On so there's that.

mnelson315 hours ago

Or “IASM” 🤣. In all fairness I know Epcot has never had a upbeat dance ish song before so why would they start now. And if they did it would only upset Epcot fans even more lol. Had hopes the exit song of Illuminate would’ve been brought over to along with the other scenes that some are saying are in DE. Oh well lol.

MansionButler8416 hours ago

Like…”A Whole New World”?

mnelson316 hours ago

Not saying “Someday” is a bad song but I would have preferred something more upbeat and fun rather than something on the serious and emotional side. Unfortunately DE sounds like it’ll be the same thing. Maybe the exit songs will be more upbeat.