Expect more work in World Showcase Lagoon as new permit filed for Harmonious construction

Oct 19, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Disney has filed a new permit for more work on the Harmonious barge infrastructure in World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT.

The permit is for "Installation of anchors to provide additional mooring for center barge" and will be carried out by Fender Marine. (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permit).

Much like Reflections of Earth, Harmonious will make use of barges to power the video, water and pyrotechnic effects. All new barges are in the process of being built backstage, and considerable work has been needed in the lagoon to accommodate the new hardware.

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Article Posted: Oct 19, 2020 / 11:37am ET
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skiir973 minutes ago

Exactly. The things literally have anchors on them. They are never moving.

Brenthodge24 minutes ago

I love all the brainstorming and "trouble shooting", but you do realize they AINT going anywhere, right?

EPICOT33 minutes ago

Would it be possible to move at least the Ring of Death backstage each day? Then the other barges could be moved to more discreet locations.

Figments Friend1 hour ago

This makes me happy. Perhaps they will come to their senses and rethink things a bit. -

Lands of Wonder3 hours ago

Back in 1964 they built a permanent structure for the New York Worlds Fair to this day with neglect it still stands, maybe Epcot should have made something more like this for a permanent structure. You can also have a 370 display around the lagoon.

Touchdown4 hours ago

Not always, I remember filling out a WOC Celebrate survey after it floped. The questions were very direct and asked me why I liked/disliked the show.

Sue_Vongello4 hours ago

I doubt they are worried about the guest satisfaction surveys for this. Why should they? The surveys for this show will probably be good or very good (because “kewl Disney IP and music!!!”) but two practical things we should keep in mind and Disney should keep in mind (but won’t): 1. Their guest satisfaction surveys aren’t written in a way to even gain honest feedback. The questions are like “Do you like exciting new attractions with amazing technology? Answer: yes!” See? They will love the new show! It’s new AND it has amazing technology! 2. The survey of Harmonious will be focused entirely on specific questions about the show - they will not get any feedback on the impact the show elements have on sight lines or non-show time periods. They won’t even ask general questions about the show and most certainly not open ended ones. So the surveys will be very good or great and they will get to PR that news all over the place but of course it won’t be how most people actually feel.

UNCgolf5 hours ago

Probably has some automated moderation that filters out any offensive language and that's it.

RSoxNo15 hours ago

Alright everyone, open the floodgates.

MisterPenguin5 hours ago

DPB doesn't seem to be moderated any more.

RSoxNo15 hours ago

I posted that comment on the DPB post itself and surprisingly it was approved.

pdude815 hours ago

So far the theming seems to be on point, but I had a different reference in mind:

RSoxNo15 hours ago

You'd need more complaints than Rivers of Light.

flynnibus5 hours ago

Can we put the DHS courtyard stage in there too ? :)