PHOTOS - Vast size of Harmonious barges apparent in pictures from World Showcase

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Harmonious barge construction - November 18 2020

Construction continues on the vast barges that will make up the show platform for the upcoming Harmonious show at EPCOT. 

We've known since seeing the barges from the air just how massive they are, but something that further puts this into perspective is how tall the barges are when some of the show elements are extended.

The picture above shows one of the rotating arms from one of the barges in the extended position, and it towers over nearby trees of the China pavilion. While we don't know all of the capabilities of the barges at this point, we do know that there will be water, lighting, video and pyro technic effects - along with a number of moving and extending parts.

Disney is yet to give an opening timeframe for the new show, with current nighttime shows suspended due to COVID-19. Speculation continues to suggest that we will first see a return of EPCOT Forever, to be then followed by Harmonious.

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Article Posted: Nov 19, 2020 / 9:21am ET
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mnelson38 hours ago

@marni1971 was the “WS Lagoon daytime fountain” always part of the plan?

trainplane315 hours ago

At least those don't yell obscenities or vomit in the walkway. I'd take a tree or island any day.

marni197115 hours ago

Or a tree. Or an island.

trainplane318 hours ago

Unless it's blocked by another booth.

SpoiledBlueMilk19 hours ago

Funny thing about world showcase lagoon being a circle. If something blocks your view, just walk a little further and there it is!

brihow1 day ago

You aren't wrong :)

NelsonRD1 day ago

The LED screens provide a greater resolution, and provide near 360 degree viewing, while the projections are low resolution, only have about 120 degree viewing, and cannot be seen from behind. Using the LED displays, you will be able to see the show from around world showcase, opposed to fighting for head on view. The LED screen are lowest on my list of issues.

LastoneOn1 day ago

You make no sense. Apples to oranges. With the pessimistic view you might as well plan your last trip and get it over with.

Lands of Wonder2 days ago

What beats me is why they used barges. World of Color floats up during showtime and sinks during the day. I think the LED screens are stupid when you have most screens or fins that sing and have projections on them. You know when those LED screens start to glitch out and loose sections Epcot is going to leave it like that for a long time like they have in the past and like clockwork there going to let this hardware fall apart.

the.dreamfinder2 days ago

Well, it didn’t work out well for the wave machine in the Seven Seas Lagoon.

mnelson32 days ago

Close up pics of the middle of the “fins”. Looks impressive... and the gears for the rotating arms! Also looks like a high risk of technical failures lol.

mnelson32 days ago

Based on the concept art for the daytime view, it looks like the barges will be closer together than in show mode? I know concept art isn’t the most accurate.

mnelson33 days ago

@Magic Feather Can you be more specific on the last day WS lagoon will be clear?

trainplane33 days ago

I doubt it'll interrupt the boats: @marni1971 seems to have been hinting for the past few months they'll be anchored for good but now it looks like Disney confirmed that. They got those two large pusher-style boats. You can load a lot of fireworks up on those and restock in the lagoon.