PHOTOS - Vast size of Harmonious barges apparent in pictures from World Showcase

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Harmonious barge construction - November 18 2020

Construction continues on the vast barges that will make up the show platform for the upcoming Harmonious show at EPCOT. 

We've known since seeing the barges from the air just how massive they are, but something that further puts this into perspective is how tall the barges are when some of the show elements are extended.

The picture above shows one of the rotating arms from one of the barges in the extended position, and it towers over nearby trees of the China pavilion. While we don't know all of the capabilities of the barges at this point, we do know that there will be water, lighting, video and pyro technic effects - along with a number of moving and extending parts.

Disney is yet to give an opening timeframe for the new show, with current nighttime shows suspended due to COVID-19. Speculation continues to suggest that we will first see a return of EPCOT Forever, to be then followed by Harmonious.

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Article Posted: Nov 19, 2020 / 9:21am ET
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mnelson317 hours ago

Do we know a date yet when the first barge will come out? Honestly I’d rather them rip off the bandaid and bring them all out together, get it over with lol.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

When you place thinks symmetrically around a central axis, it's difficult for things not to line up... all coincidentally. Also, rather than draw your lines free-hand down the center of buildings in which you're freely altering the angle to match to what you want it to be, draw the lines along the side of the buildings and you'll see which way they're really pointing.

techgeek1 day ago

I have a hard time seeing it as anything but very deliberately planned. I don't know that I've ever seen an authoritative quote referencing it (and I'd be glad to be pointed at one if there was), but the geometry of the site plan couldn't have been an accident: First off, if you look at the orientation of the south World Showcase pavilions, the primary axis of the pavilions are deliberate. At first glance you might assume all the pavilions point to the center of the lagoon. Turns out, they aren't even close - the axis of the 3 center pavilions - Japan, USA, and Italy, orient their centers perfectly to the center of Spaceship Earth (red lines below). The flanking countries of France, Morocco, and Germany all converge not to SSE but to the primary WS overview point at Showcase Plaza (in blue)... the only place In EPCOT where you can literally see the whole world. (er, at least until these barges show up...) Now that we've established a center line of the pavilion linked clearly to SSE in concert with the rest of the park's plan, we can look at the Japanese pavilion itself: The Torii Gate perfectly splits that centerline, and also is perfectly rotated perpendicular to it. It is notably not square to the WS promenade itself which jogs perfectly E/W on its run through Japan. Yes, you can rotate your placement and field of view through the gate to put anything in the background including the Guardians building, but not if you stay perfectly on the centerline and render the gate symmetrical and balanced in your image. You do that, and there's only one thing you would ever have in the background (1983 image from Yesterland, modern view Google Streetview): When I look at a picture like this, I tend to think that even the orientation and profile of the island was deliberately tweaked to 'make' this picture from Day 1, playing to that centerline and intentionally using nature to provide an asymmetrical element that juxtaposes the rigid symmetry of the gate / SSE composition. EPCOT was designed by filmmakers. It's a cinematic shot. Without the island and the trees, it wouldn't be as interesting of a picture (it actually looks better today, I think, with the fully grown pine trees). Without a guiding hand in the overall site design, there's no way all of those elements would have lined up by accident.

trainplane31 day ago

And once they're out there and anchored, I'll assume the barges will be used to carry fireworks (and other explodey things) out to them.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Could be. But, it seems they're going to be out on the lagoon permanently. The barges would be to shuttle them if they were in need of dry dock repair, I would guess.

monothingie1 day ago

Could it be that the barges are so gigantic they’d need a legit tug boat to shuttle them?

MisterPenguin1 day ago

I have a hard time thinking that was planned. The gate is at the edge of the lagoon. And SSE is far away on the other side. So, it would be rather difficult to *not* get SSE to appear in the gate. You can get the Big Blue Box to be perfectly aligned with the gate. Or any other Future World building. As it is now, an island is partly blocking that 'perfect view' of SSE. If Disney really wanted that perfect view, that island wouldn't be there, or, the gate would be ten yards to the right. Looking at the address-finder map, it seems one of the side fountains will be in the way. But perhaps blocking only the lower quarter of SSE.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

As well as maintain the new fount at the entrance, the FoN replacement in the hub, and all the interactive founts of JoW!!

monothingie1 day ago

Don't worry, as we all remember the Fountain of Nations (RIP) ran all day as well. We all know how well this prominent water feature/show was maintained and how every element in it worked perfectly right until the very end. (Ha..Ha..Ha..) So what could possibly go wrong with the new thing in the middle of the lagoon? Now Disney can do the same (let it rot and deteriorate), except with something that's floating, not accessible via land unless it's brought offstage, and presumably becomes erect and shoots fire works from it at least once per day.

techgeek1 day ago

I looked at the angles of that awhile back on google and managed to convince myself that it was going to be really close, but obviously they wouldn’t have screwed up such an iconic and important view and I’m sure they double checked that... because that’s just obvious, right? Seriously though, I hold out some hope. The axis of that shot is actually pretty far off the lagoon center... although those barges are massive.

Magic Feather1 day ago

It sounds like this will interfere with the Japan view of SSE through the gate.

sedati2 days ago

Serious question- will this block views of the dreaded gravity building from much of World Showcase? I'm thinking in particular, the view from Japan that keeps coming up will be rectified in that respect.

HauntedPirate2 days ago

I thought that was replaced by Iger and Chapek years ago with “achieve management bonuses”? 😉

HauntedMansionFLA2 days ago

Efficiency is one of the Disney Four Keys😉