EPCOT'S Harmonious barges get a lot more black with new paintwork

May 05, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Painting and cleaning Harmonious show barges - May 5 2021
Posted: Wednesday May 5, 2021 11:52am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Painting continues this week on the Harmonious show barges located in World Showcase lagoon at EPCOT.

As you can see from the photos, the lower section below the screen is now a lot blacker and somewhat glossy. The pipes that carry water from the lagoon to the fountains have also been painted black to make them less noticeable than the original silver appearance.

In this comparison you can see the newly painted Mexico barge, and the unpainted Germany barge.

Work is also underway on the Canada and France barges.

The paintwork appears to be aiming to improve the daytime appearance of the barges that have suffered as a result of weathering, despite only being in the lagoon for a few months.

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raymusiccity4 hours ago

You can gather 'incredible talent', but, you can't force inspired and memorable content. All you'll wind up with is forgettable tunes ala 'Mary Poppins Returns' ! 😥

UNCgolf5 hours ago

Well, if you wanted to get technical, Hercules could go with the Italy pavilion as an ancient Roman mythic hero -- his name was Heracles in Greece! On the other hand, all the gods in the movie have their Greek names and it's specifically set in Greece, so...

James Alucobond5 hours ago

Just give me my long wished-for Greece pavilion with Hercules dark ride where marble statues of the Greek pantheon come to life, por favor. And gyros galore.

mnelson35 hours ago

Very true. Disney never did suggest it’s about each pavilion, just that it’s a Celebration Of Disney Music which could literally be any song from any movie lol.

PB Watermelon5 hours ago

I was assuming each Pavillion would have its own "Disney Song", but "Go the Distance" doesn't fit as identifiable to any one country/region, so who knows what they're doing...

mnelson37 hours ago

I have no idea if those songs will indeed be in the show. But might not be to far off. If only Disney gave us a new clip of the soundtrack. All we have to go off of is that “How Far I’ll Go/Go The Distance” part.

The Aracuan Bird7 hours ago

I’m not at all a fan of that song list. I even see a few “least favorites” on there. That’s probably enough for me to pass. The picture did look pretty though.

Lands of Wonder7 hours ago

At least for me I probably wont recognise half the music since I was never really big on Disney Movies any way. I know the basics but that's about it. I learned more Disney songs from the parks than I did the movies.

Figments Friend7 hours ago

Depends on if you like to hear 'Disney's Greatest (recent) Hits' sung in different languages. -

mnelson38 hours ago

I highly doubt this would happen or be fit for Harmonious but if there was large Moana segment and they included “Know Who You Are”, that would give the show, or some other show, a emotional part. Somehow I hope Harmonious has a good story or meaning with some strong points that pull at the heart strings, like HEA.

PB Watermelon8 hours ago

As far as Moana goes, "How Far I'll Go" is very good, but my favorite is Lin-Manuel-Miranda's "We Know the Way". Love that ear-worm of a song....

Cliff8 hours ago

Uggg. So far,...the hardware on that lake is tall, wide and ugly. Even a junior Imagineer on their first day on the job would have to admit that.....honestly. It doesnt take an experienced Imagineer to notice it. I'm trying to be as positive as I possibly can be about this show. I'm trying to look away and ignore everything I have seen so far and I desperately don't want to pre-judge it before I see it. -Arabian Nights (Aladdin) -Reflections (Mulan) -? (Coco) -Let It Go/Into The Unknown (Frozen) -How Far Ill Go/Go The Distance (Moana, Hercules) (Confirmed by what we’ve heard) However, seeing these movie song titles?.....uggg....just makes my heart sink.......

Inspired Figment10 hours ago

The sad part is, those songs are all fantastic.. aswell as the movies they come from. But it’ll forever baffle me that they wouldn’t just get the incredible talent that wrote & performed those songs to produce brand new, original content that’s distinctly EPCOT. I get ‘why’ that isn’t happening (narrow minded upper management).. but at the same time, it’s like.. even if they are looking towards their financially successful films for creative inspiration, seems they really lack the knowledge of ‘what’ exact qualities made those movies so successful to begin with in order to implement those same qualities into new EPCOT content that’d make the same impact.

HauntedPirate13 hours ago

Musical tour de farce? Sorry, wrong thing. 😉 This kind of reminds me of a Statler and Waldorf bit from Muppetvision: “They’re trying to drown us! What kind of act is that?” “An act of mercy” “Doh ho ho ho!!!”
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