PHOTOS - Aerial view of the Harmonious show barges under construction at EPCOT

Nov 04, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious barge construction - November 1 2020
Posted: Wednesday November 4, 2020 11:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Work continues on the massive show barges that will power the upcoming Harmonious nighttime spectacular coming to EPCOT.

Video screens can be seen in place on two of the semi-circle barges, and the large circular structure on the center barge can also be seen. In addition, we can also see two of the service barges that will be used to manage the show barges (one has a yellow part on the top and the other has a high lift crane standing on it).

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by @cchard.

Some of the barge rotating arms have also been spotted in a storage area that is a staging area for parts of the TRON coaster canopy. (Harmonious parts are at the very top of the image.)

No firework shows are currently taking place at Walt Disney World due to COVID-19, and it is likely this will be the case for some time. It is expected that EPCOT Forever will be the first to return, to then be replaced by Harmonious.

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dreday332 minutes ago

This is one of my favorite songs!

TrojanUSC34 minutes ago

There are Main Entrance Passes, which are used to admit guests. Then Self Admission Passes, which are used to admit yourself. In this case, only the guest passes are blocked.

montydysquith-navarro37 minutes ago

The first one was used during the film's credits, I think. The second one (and the one below, the finale) is how it is done in the US stagings of the musical. Someday (Reprise) comes in at 1:14 and ends at around 2:59. I'm assuming that they had this choral version in mind for Harmonious' finale instead of the ballad version with Esmeralda and Phoebus.

Vinnie Mac47 minutes ago

I have never seen Hunchback before therefore this is my first time hearing "Someday". That was quite moving. I don't know how it will be compared to We Go On but if done right, I could definitely see it as a great close for the show.

Vinnie Mac48 minutes ago

I'm kind of imagining it and I can kinda see the vision Disney has. The first linked song is used for after the show and as people leave EPCOT and the second is used for the actual show?

montydysquith-navarro1 hour ago

"Someday" from Hunchback is the show's finale?! Wonder how they will make that song a traditional, feel-good, uplifting finale, given how dramatic it is (especially in the context of the stage musical)... As heard in the stage musical, sung by Esmeralda (Ciara Renée) and Phoebus (Andrew Samonsky):

DCBaker1 hour ago

Additional details - "EPCOT guests gathering on the shores of World Showcase Lagoon are treated to a magnificent cultural symphony, dramatizing the unifying power of story and song. On this musical journey around the planet … “Harmonious” opens with an inspiring medley of “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana” and “Go the Distance” from “Hercules” performed by “American Idol” finalist and three-time GRAMMY® nominee Danny Gokey, along with vocalists Elisha Garrett and Ninet Tayeb. The Ndlovu Youth Choir from Johannesburg contributes a medley of favorites from “The Lion King,” performed in both English and Zulu. “Dig a Little Deeper” from “The Princess and the Frog” features vocalist Bryson Camper and legendary gospel artists Karen Clark Sheard and Kierra Sheard. French pop singer Damien Sargue performs “Out There” from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Songs from Disney and Pixar’s “Coco” get a rousing pan-Latin sendup from award-winning Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi, responsible for several global hits including “Despacito,” and award-winning Mexican singer/songwriter Joy. Disney and Pixar’s “Brave” receives a Celtic kick from GRAMMY®- and Emmy®-nominated violinistMáiréad Nesbitt and platinum-selling electronic artist, violinist and multi-talented entertainer Lindsey Stirling. Musical selections from “Mulan,” “The Jungle Book” and “Aladdin” are highlighted by the vocal talents of Wang Liuqi, Hollie Hammel, Aditya Rao, Gaayatri Kaundinya, Jorgie Shkara and Sanaa Marahati. “Harmonious” closes the curtain for each EPCOT day with the show’s hopeful message of the magic that happens when people join together. As it draws to a close, the inspiring ballad “Someday” (from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”) combines with the new EPCOT theme from composer Pinar Toprak to unite the people of the world in hope and promise found throughout the park every day."

Vinnie Mac1 hour ago

It really is! Ironic we're talking about normalcy because later tonight my family and I are taking my little brother to his first Disney On Ice tonight. First time any of us have been to an arena event since the pandemic started!

jrhwdw2 hours ago

Nice seeing some normalcy isn't it?

jpinkc2 hours ago

I still say I am more concerned by this than HEA going away. I hope its a good show.

Vinnie Mac2 hours ago

Disney's streaming the shows? Feels like 2019 again 😂 Have not seen DisneyParksLIVE in a long time!

SoFloMagic3 hours ago

Ah OK. I was gonna say... Imagine working during HEA for five years and they won't let you go to the last one

jrhwdw3 hours ago

Maybe, How did the Wishes/HEA and ROE/EF changeover go on the blockout Calendar?

CaptainAmerica3 hours ago

Cast get other types of tickets that are exempt from blockouts, they just get a more limited number of them so they have to pick and choose when to use them.