PHOTOS - Aerial view of the Harmonious show barges under construction at EPCOT

Nov 04, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious barge construction - November 1 2020

Work continues on the massive show barges that will power the upcoming Harmonious nighttime spectacular coming to EPCOT.

Video screens can be seen in place on two of the semi-circle barges, and the large circular structure on the center barge can also be seen. In addition, we can also see two of the service barges that will be used to manage the show barges (one has a yellow part on the top and the other has a high lift crane standing on it).

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by @cchard.

Some of the barge rotating arms have also been spotted in a storage area that is a staging area for parts of the TRON coaster canopy. (Harmonious parts are at the very top of the image.)

No firework shows are currently taking place at Walt Disney World due to COVID-19, and it is likely this will be the case for some time. It is expected that EPCOT Forever will be the first to return, to then be replaced by Harmonious.

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Article Posted: Nov 04, 2020 / 11:53am ET
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tirian2 minutes ago

Someone with taste. And if these things were truly necessary, it should’ve used different technology.

RSoxNo12 minutes ago

Can these be hidden between the two islands on the France side of the lagoon and then pulled out from there?

tirian3 minutes ago

This is ugly. This is straight-up ugly. All to show movie clips and pretend they’re authentic cultural landmarks from around the world. Epcot has finally become a satire of itself.

matt91129 minutes ago

Honest question couldn't they have technically made these barges powered like the old ones and deploy them the same way? I mean there pretty ugly. But who am i ?

RSoxNo112 minutes ago

If the finale was Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand, it could have been a solid interim show. There were a couple of other changes to the dialogue / music in the first 7-8 minutes that I would have changed, but it absolutely would have been redeemed with a Celebrate the Future 2-4 minute finale. Alternatively, I made a few soundtrack changes and incorporate Reflections of Earth instead...

RSoxNo119 minutes ago

Illuminations needed an updated Earth barge and something in addition to or instead of the fountains. I would have accepted the DisneySea inflatable projected domes as an alternative (or in addition to) the Earth globe, placed around World Showcase lagoon.

HauntedMansionFLA24 minutes ago

Welcome back!! Missed your delightful posts! Always spot on!!

DonaldDoleWhip25 minutes ago

*for 15 minutes of a 12-hour day.

RSoxNo125 minutes ago

Animal Kingdom instantly supplanted EPCOT for me as my favorite park when it opened. I was in the minority but I think other have come to realize how amazing the park truly is. I don't begrudge things like Test Track or Mission: SPACE, I think their heart was in the right place with those changes. The issue for me (non-Imagination division) has primarily been the last 10 years. There's a chance that the next few years will revitalize the park, but it truly needs Cosmic Rewind to be thematically appropriate and a top 3 attraction in WDW. It needs Harmonious to be the best nighttime show they've ever done and the daytime fountains to be visually appealing from park opening to sunset. It needs the Spaceship Earth update to be an improvement over the current version, not a lateral move. And it needs an Imagination update that becomes the whimsical, fun family attraction befitting of the pavilion and the original.

Figments Friend27 minutes ago

Remember kids as you view that gigantic center ring... Epcot has now lost its fundamental design point that was World Showcase for yet another 'giant tv screen'. So now instead of enjoying the carefully designed, truly unique view of the nations around the lagoon that can be seen no where else on Earth - one will now get to view Disney branded video clips from movies you can watch at home. Not only that, the same dang clips used at every other recent nighttime spectacle 'movie highlights video clips' based projection show. Yay, futuristic forward thinking progress! Perfectly themed for a Park like 'Epcot'...! ( NOT ) :/ -

SoFloMagic45 minutes ago

To the right, and yes kind of. It's not angled towards the festival center, it's just 10 feet too far to the right (when looking towards American adventure). My guess: Imagineer:"but uh, if we reused that dock it wouldn't be centered" Chapek:"which way would it be off?" Imagineer:"toward the festival center" Chapek:"🤑🤑🤑🤑 I think that'll be OK"

DonaldDoleWhip1 hour ago

That tweet makes me so angry. The photo on the right is just as distorted as the telephoto shot, merely in the opposite direction, and even if you ignore the ring entirely, the black barges are hideous. As for the ring itself, it looks like the industrial metal from the Wand got melted down, molded into a circle, and drifted out from backstage. What a shame. Publicly mocking your customer base, IMO, should be grounds for termination (I'm sure I'd be fired for mocking the clients I work on), yet at Disney it almost seems to be a strength, perhaps because corporate feels similarly about theme park fans. The contempt reminds me of a certain WDW influencer (at one point a VIP tour guide) who confused Monorails Coral and Peach on Instagram. At that stage I was a fan and thought she'd appreciate knowing the difference, so I politely informed her about Coral's deltas. My comment was promptly deleted, and her peers immediately mocked the nerd who could care that much about the stripes on a monorail. If these are the people Disney's chosen to lead the company, people who don't care about the history or details but feel no shame incessantly posting about rose gold cupcakes, glowing ice cubes and MagicBand stickers, there's no hope for what's next.

HauntedMansionFLA1 hour ago

Looks great. I don’t know what the fuss is all about???😊😄 I can’t wait!!!! 3/28/2021

trainplane32 hours ago