Full scale Harmonious test shows off impressive fireworks ahead of the show's debut later this year at Disney World

Jun 04, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious firework test June 3 2021
Posted: Friday June 4, 2021 12:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests in the EPCOT resort area were treated to a surprise performance of Harmonious late last night as Walt Disney Imagineering completed a full pyro test for the upcoming Walt Disney World nighttime spectacular.

The fully loaded firework platforms were brought out into World Showcase Lagoon around 6pm, with the show's designers stationed in World Showcase Plaza to fire the show a couple of hours after park close.

Along with giving guests a sneak preview of the full pyrotechnics design, tonight's test also confirms a 20 minute run time for Harmonious, making it one of the longest firework shows that Disney has produced.

Although the music was played around the World Showcase promenade, it was not really audible outside of the park at the BoardWalk, but "I Can Go The Distance" was heard very near to the start of the show. Other songs heard include "How Far I'll Go," "Arabian Nights" and "Reflection" from Mulan.

At around 8 minutes longer than past EPCOT firework shows, a significant amount of fireworks are part of Harmonious, which will be welcome news to those who thought the show may be screen heavy in place of fireworks. From tonight's test, Harmonious would appear to have more fireworks than Reflections of Earth.

Here is a look at the full Harmonious show as seen from the BoardWalk. Obviously the video screens, fountains and low level effects are not visible over the tree line, but a large amount of the show can be seen. The full lighting package also doesn't appear to be present, specifically the lasers. Be warned the video contains significant spoilers. 

We still expect to see a revised version of EPCOT Forever to debut ahead of Harmonious, which leaves the big new show to potentially coincide with the start of a big Walt Disney World anniversary celebration later in the year.

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Incomudro6 hours ago

Yes, from the looks of the illustrations - the fountains would have only brought more attention to the structures.

TikibirdLand10 hours ago


wutisgood16 hours ago

Epcot should run shows with the fountains on with the daytime fireworks they did at one point as the parks should be crowded enough to warrant it. But that would require Chapek caring about guests.

Vinnie Mac18 hours ago

I'm expecting some type of merch too. I mean, HarmonioUS is going to be the new permanent show and it already has its own EPCOT poster art. I already told my family that when we see the show, I'll get merch if I think its good lol.

mnelson322 hours ago

When might we hear about Harmonious merchandise? I’d be shocked if they don’t. Only thing I’d be interested in, Maybe, is a soundtrack release including EF.

Sir_Cliff1 day ago

Even the concept art looked weirdly ugly!

UNCgolf1 day ago

Which was inevitable and I'm still baffled they ever thought it was a workable idea in the first place. There was no way putting fountains on those barges was going to look good.

James Alucobond1 day ago

They took down the signage mentioning the fountains a while ago, so I suspect they're never turning them on. They always made everything look worse when they tested them.

jmuboy1 day ago

Are the day time fountains that hide all the equipment turning on as of October 1?

Sir_Cliff1 day ago

I'm sincerely impressed they've dusted off Someday for the finale. Always felt it was an underrated song with a really nice message that ended up being given an underwhelming boy band treatment as the pop single for Hunchback. Seems a very appropriate and potentially moving way to end the show with the new theme, and it will also be a new song for most of the guests there unlike, say, a blast of A Whole New World. Overall, I am happy they are at least trying to do something interesting with the selection of artists, languages, and songs for the show if they have to fit it within the IP mandate. Still think permanently parking the equipment in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon goes completely against what was supposed to make Disney Parks different, though, and simply should not have been tolerated as a cost for this show to run.

Kevin_W1 day ago

From a musical point of view I'd disagree with you. I think the Brave soundtrack is excellent.

mnelson31 day ago

Trying to imagine how the opening music is going to be for Harm. They said it’s going to be the “How Far I’ll Go/Go The Distance” which originally we thought was the finale song lol. But that seems a bit odd to immediately start the show off with that. Maybe the opening will start off with the Epcot Anthem along with a narrator, then fade into “How Far I’ll Go/Go The Distance”?

CrashNet2 days ago

I have to admit, putting “Someday” in as the closing song is bold choice of Disney when you relate it to everything that is going on in this country and the world. I have to give them sincere respect for that.

castlecake2.02 days ago

Yah I really notice it most from Showcase Plaza, once you get further back it’s not as in your face. I’d prefer they were not there, but IllumiNations started getting carted out early afternoon anyways, it’s not like it popped up 10 mins before showtime. Saying that, I wish we had a CEO that would be daring enough to spend the money on a world of color style show system, but not sure if that’s feasible in that size of a Lagoon.