PHOTOS - Construction workers back at Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

Jul 30, 2020 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy construction - July 29 2020

Construction workers are back at Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT as progress resumes after a lengthy shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Welders can be seen on the rooftop of the former Universe of Energy, which will be home to the queue and pre-show area of Cosmic Rewind.

As with all projects, it isn't clear how the COVID-19 closures have impacted timelines for completion or an opening. Disney had previously not committed to an opening date beyond a general timeframe of 2021.

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Article Posted: Jul 30, 2020 / 12:22pm ET
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Incomudro1 day ago

I probably rode it twice (definitely once) on two different trips spaced a couple of years apart in the early 90's. I do find it odd that it didn't leave a very memorable mark on me, and watching the videos of it - impressive as the attraction looks - I remembered very little of it. It kind of blended in in to all of the other "Epcoty" experience.

ChewbaccaYourMum4 days ago

Ok, great video. The fact that I love Spaceship Earth, I know this would have been one of my favorites to go on again and again any day I was in Epcot. It's crazy because this ride closed in 1999 and I was born in 1992 and went to Disney World multiple times a year growing up. I don't know why I can't remember going on this ride at all. I have memories of so many other rides and shows that have all closed down. It makes me really sad.

MisterPenguin4 days ago

Insiders are saying 2022.

mitchk4 days ago

Some pics from the front

sbunit5 days ago

I was wondering if this ride has a shot to open in 2021? I haven't read much of anything about it's time line, as opposed to other attractions like Rat (definitive opening in 2021) and Tron (definitive delay and work stoppage come the end of this year that will most likely push it's debut into 2022). Unless I am wrong, I cannot find any info regarding the anticipated opening of Guardians and work seems to be moving along without any signs of future work stoppage. Is there a chance this ride debuts late 2021?

Goofy2135 days ago

If this ride is about the "Big Bang" will we get to see Penny and Leonard's baby? What about Sheldon and Amy, will they split up after winning the Noble Prize? Finally will the ride feature the theme song?

sedati5 days ago

The Radok screens were cool and a concept I wish could be revisited. An aspect of the original Energy that I really miss was the final transition back into the first theater. The space shuttle roared off and the song began, we moved ahead into pure imagery that was minimalist and oddly trippy. The mirrors made the vast space feel even more vast as the theater vehicles moved into place and then the whole floor rotated around. A bit nonsensical (we progress from the shuttle to a Saturn V?) and as hokey as the Tomorrow's Child sequence over at Spaceship Earth, but it won me over with sheer scale and unabashed audacity. The videos give you the gist, but it really felt amazing being in that space- I remember it being so disorienting and expansive that when the lights suddenly came on it was almost like snapping out of a daydream.

Mickeynerd175 days ago

Interesting. I understand your reasoning with the dinosaurs and radok blocks. I got to experience the former as Ellen's energy, and they were pretty epic. I personally am more of a technology/space person, so Horizons connects with me more, but hey, to each their own! Now, horizons not having a catchy tune? I can semi-understand your point, especially with the length, which is my biggest criticism, but either than that it's a really good tune in my humble opinion. Imagination's music is more memorable because the Sherman Bros struck gold with One Little Spark. As far as Horizons popularity, that's probably a question for @marni1971 , 'cause I really don't know, they were all extremely popular back in the day.

RSoxNo15 days ago

I'm of the opinion that the IP based futurism belongs in Tomorrowland with the non-IP based futurism belonging in Future World. Dusting off one of my deep cuts, I've said that when Space Mountain ultimately gets its new track, they should rebuild it in Future World instead.

doctornick5 days ago

Well I thought the Radok blocks were an awesome effect. And the whole moving theater traveling through giant sets just felt epic. And, quite frankly, I kinda love Dinosaurs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I disliked Horizons or thought it was bad or anything, just that it wouldn’t be at the top of my list of favorite Disney rides. I didn’t mention it but I also didn’t find it’s music to be all that interesting and having a threat catchy tune is probably one of the things that really makes a difference to me for a ride (Imagination and WoM both had the kind of songs that you’d keep humming and wouldn’t leave your head). Edit: Just to clarify a bit: I think the concepts featured in Horizons were cool. But they work better as ideas than they do as a ride IMHO. Horizons probably best embodies the (alleged?) everyman complaints about EPCOT Center being "boring and education" among the classic attractions. It showed some inspired futurist concepts but wasn't as "fun" as other rides that had funny scenes or catchy songs or neat effects. I think that's a big reason it was the first of the original pavilions to close (yes, it reopened and outlasted WoM in the end, but it was shut down first). I'm curious if anyone in the know has an idea how it did in guest surveys compared to other FW attractions of its day.

UNCgolf5 days ago

It wasn't about the tech for me -- the omnimax screens were probably my least favorite part of the ride as a kid (not that I didn't like them). The future scenes of the desert, the underwater base, and the space station were my favorites. That's not really surprising, though, considering Carousel of Progress is probably my favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom and those scenes were very reminiscent of it. I do think that World of Motion is incredibly underrated, although I wouldn't rank it above Horizons.

UNCgolf5 days ago

Yeah, the Universe of Energy was far from accurate. The ride was a lot more interesting than a roller coaster, though.

Mickeynerd175 days ago

You could sort-of say the same for Horizons, except they didn't just trash the ride system, they killed the whole building. At least Imagination as a building and half the ride track/system still exists. Mission Space, in regards to overall experience, is not nearly as wholesome of an experience as Horizons. It was completely designed around the simulator and not much else. I don't even have to have ridden it to see that. Also, Horizons didn't kill anybody (as far as we know). One thing I want to mention, why do you rate original UOE over Horizons? UOE was 100% more dry and educational while Horizons was more fantastical and inspirational. Would love to hear your reasoning there.

doctornick5 days ago

I think Horizons is vastly overrated myself. Original Imagination and World of Motion were both better among lost classic attractions (though at least WoM got a solid replacement). I’d probably rate classic UoE higher too. Horizons has the novel choosing of the final scene but the overall experience to me was fine and certainly repetitive with the rest of FW. I think it’s one of those rides that gets too much credit for groundbreaking tech than for the actual experience. And at least its replacement is aspirational and unique. Losing the original Journey in Imagination conversely was a devastating loss. One of the greatest Disney rides just destroyed with an insulting replacement