Nova Corps Starblaster ship quickly takes shape at Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT

Jan 26, 2022 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Starblaster installation - January 26 2022
Posted: Wednesday January 26, 2022 10:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews are working quickly to assemble the Nova Corps Starblaster ship that sits at the entrance to Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT's World Discovery.

Since the first piece was put into place on Monday, the cockpit and several of the fins are now installed.

Watch the video below for a look at the build in progress.

Despite the low temperatures and steady rain, the team is continuing the build.

The 51ft tall Nova Corps Starblaster ship from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will mark the entrance to the attraction that opens this summer in World Discovery at EPCOT.

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NelleBelle2 days ago

We just got back from our trip and on our Epcot day we purchased a ILL and got both a regular and after-hours VQ. During one of the rides, it broke down while we were in the ride. It tried to go up an incline and slid back. We sat there in the dark for about 5 minutes before it started back up, sans lights, music/dialogue. When we pulled I. To unload I asked if we could have a reride due to the breakdown—at first the CM said no, but when guests started to complain, he called a supervisor who had NO IDEA the ride had even had a breakdown. Thankfully those of us who wanted to reride were escorted back in line with minimal wait. Unfortunately, we got “everybody wants to rule the world” again from the day before.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

tparris2 days ago

Cosmic Rewind is currently down, although I’m not sure how long it’s been. As I was entering the park about 30 minutes ago, I saw guests being evacuated from the ride and back into the park through a backstage gate next to the restrooms on the east side of SSE. Edit: the ride is back online as of 12:20pm.

J45464 days ago

I cant wait to go back to epcot and ride this again next year, it was such a blast when i got to ride about a month after it opened. great ride imo, cant wait to see tokyos version for their new space mountain as well.

DisneyAndUniversalFan4 days ago

I was on it that day (September 21st), and can confirm this.

SpaceMountain775 days ago

Yes, that was our experience yesterday. Our Star Jumper cruised to September as did the Star Jumper that arrived after we unloaded. Someone, somewhere in TWDC understood the assignment and delivered some extra pixie dust yesterday.

DisneywithNick6 days ago

It was! Cast Members got a memo about it this morning.

Mouse32686 days ago

Based on anecdotal reports on Twitter, it appears that the ride is only playing September by Earth, Wind & Fire today, which is awesome if true.

gerararAug 19, 2023

Not really, just seems to be random these days. Could be there's an issue with one of the sensors that's triggering the breakdowns, and it can't really be worked on until park close. Like today it had a pretty good run, so it's not like the ride is plagued with reoccuring issues everyday.

Henry MysticAug 18, 2023

Any idea why it’s been having issues?

gerararAug 18, 2023

Thought this is worthy enough to cross-post from the VQ thead.. GOTG: CR just had its worst performing day ever since the ride opened more than a year ago. Yesterday on Thursday 8/17, the ride was down for 301 mins, or ~5 hours. This beats the long standing record held on Aug 7 of 2022 with 272 mins. Here's a list of all the record downtimes the ride's had: Aug 18 '23 - 301m (new) Aug 7 '22 - 272m Aug 6 '22 - 262m Jul 26 '22 - 246m Apr 18 '23 - 240m Jan 24 '23 - 219m Feb 27 '23 - 211m Aug 3 '23 - 207m Aug 1 '22 - 206m Seems like August is a really bad month overall for the ride..

celluloidAug 11, 2023

And a park with an icon like SSE so close to it that is designed to be the attention. Thanks for seeing the point though. The coaster was also launched propelled based and never has many drops so the height of the building always seems odd as the screens rarely seem that big either but I guess are. The coaster never needed much gravity. And how sad is it that the WDI faux building idea, so large would be one of the better ideas as the real Imagineering art is not as trusted anymore.

Epcot82GuyAug 11, 2023

Given it's size, I still think disguising it as WDI's offices would have been the easiest way. Sadly, anything that size can't really be handled. I totally get your point, but it would still stand out a lot. It was a very poor choice IMHO, especially for a park without a berm or grade (like the Utilidoor).

celluloidAug 11, 2023

Away from the hotel thought for a moment: They should get away from the concept of "theme" so much in a transportive sense and do a presentation sense. Modern panels up the wall to provide use and aesthetic could work. If the building were not so dang tall it would be a lot better.