PHOTO - Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is the name of the new coaster coming to Epcot

Aug 25, 2019 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the name of the new rollercoaster attraction coming to Epcot.

The adventure starts in the “Galaxarium,” a planetarium-like exhibition that explores the similarities and mysteries of the formation of Earth’s galaxy and Xandar. Guests will be invited to learn more about the treasures Xandar has to share – until the moment when the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive, and adventures across the cosmos ensue.

Also confirmed is that the rotating ride vehicle that will focus guests on the action will also feature a reverse launch - a first on a Disney coaster.

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Article Posted: Aug 25, 2019 / 3:21pm ET
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J45461 day ago

this ride is gonna be amazing (probably) Im looking more forward to this than i was for RotR or really any ride I can remember. If its as good as I hope it is, then I hope they make another one like this in DHS that is star wars themed.

RSoxNo11 day ago

$450 mil

skiir971 day ago

So what’s the current budget for this thing? I remember hearing something about it being insanely over budget (500 million?). Do we know what the original budget was?

wdwmagic3 days ago

The same blue vapor barrier is being installed on the front facing V shaped plywood today.

JEANYLASER3 days ago

I can't wait for the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind for Epcot!

mitchk3 days ago

Here’s a few pictures

MisterPenguin8 days ago

No, a second Cosmic Rewind track is being built and it will go into the big golf ball.

UNCgolf8 days ago

I'm hoping they'll tear down Spaceship Earth. It draws attention away from Cosmic Rewind and blocks some views of the building.

RSoxNo19 days ago

When does Cosmic Rewind become the new park icon and get the twinkly lighting package?

Horizons19 days ago

Magic Kingdom saw what Hong Kong did to their castle. Magic Kingdom responds “Hold my beer”.

lazyboy97o9 days ago

So who wants to get rid of Cinderella Castle?

Horizons19 days ago

I can’t even think of a single excuse as to why anyone would find that paint job acceptable. Perhaps the buildings were painted ugly as way to convince management they were an eyesore and one needed to go.

tparris9 days ago

Agreed, they at least had actual color instead of the barf palette used for Innoventions

gustaftp9 days ago

I hated the rainbow spines, but TBH they had a much better aesthetic than the final paint job of Innoventions/Communicore.