'My Disney Experience' digital map updated to include the completed look of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind'

Mar 22, 2022 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Posted: Tuesday March 22, 2022 1:42pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'My Disney Experience' app has been updated to include a new digital map of EPCOT, which features the finished version of Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind.

The previous version of the map showed the pavilion without the Nova Corps Starblaster or other new design details recently added.

The walkways have also been updated to show the revised traffic pattern that guests will use to access Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind.

Disney is continuing to piece together all the construction and operational elements needed to open this attraction as its summer 2022 debut nears.

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RyMickey1 day ago

Rode this a second time at a private party with a gin and tonic, bourbon and Diet Coke, and shot of bourbon in me…but in the third row instead of the second to last. HUGE difference in my reaction to ride. Could it have been the alcohol? Sure, but I figured that would’ve made the experience worse. That said, riding front as opposed to back made a big difference in the disorientation that I felt initially. That said, the story is a mess. Say what you will about the “immersion” and whatnot, but once the ride actually starts, the whole thing falls apart with the story. Maybe a third time in a few months from now will yield different results since I know I will ask to be upfront (which I NEVER typically have to do on Disney rides) and this go around I was just worrying about not vomiting on my boss, but if the goal was to present an actual through line, I really don’t see this as a success.

FigmentFan824 days ago

rode 4 times, fantastic coaster. SM on crack is accurate. I like GotG so I don't mind that overlay, but it could easily be something else too

helenabear4 days ago

Not even close IMO. We rode EE after GotG on the same day (just like an hour or so apart). EE is far more intense than GotG. The spin might disorient some, but in terms of intensity GotG is nothing. In fact GotG isn't terribly intense at all. I do not recall any real Gs going on either. It's biggest issue is motion sickness for some due to how the cars spin inwards or around while facing a screen. Hints for those times, look for the track. My group that half had motion sickness issues did fine and even rode it once sans meds. EE with meds gives them headaches but not bad. I rode front once, back once, and center twice. Back is more jarring in general. I prefer front row with some physical issues I have.

Tuvalu5 days ago

From multiple sources we heard that sitting in the middle (row 5 or 6) is the best location to avoid disorientation. We requested the middle, which the CM accommodated (we had to wait over on the side until she could fit us in on the next train.) I suffer from motion sickness and can’t ride Everest, RnRC, and need to close my eyes on simulators (Star Tours, Smugglers Run). I found the backwards launch thrilling and fun! In fact I felt perfectly fine (eyes open the entire time) until the helix when you travel around the planet. Like you, I was ready for the ride to be DONE. I felt queasy for the next half hour or so. I’m glad I did it but am not sure I will ride again. But if I do, I will request middle. My family has ridden several times in back and front and can attest that the middle is less intense than either front or back.

RyMickey5 days ago

Generally curious if there is first hand experience of someone feeling disoriented in the back of the coaster, but feeling relatively fine if riding in the front? Just wondering if that really made a difference to anyone.

RyMickey5 days ago

I agree. Rode it for the first time today and it may very well be my last time. I didn’t feel sick on it or after, but I did feel “uncomfortable” because of the disorientation like you mentioned. I was ready for it to be done by the time I was spinning around the planet at the end. The preshow and queue were totally solid and created this story. Then you get on the coaster and literally have no idea what is going on during the ride. What this needed were starts and stops throughout where the story developed and eventually was resolved. The nonstop movement made the story a difficult thing to follow. I was in the second to last car and I’ve read that the back is more disorienting, but I’m not sure I care to even give this another shot. I’m not THAT old (early 40s) but I do find that even Everest’s backward helixes do something to me that makes me uncomfortable — I can handle RNRC without issue but the backwards piece of Everest gives me that “uncomfortable” feeling like I felt during this one. It doesn’t help that the Guardians are some of my least favorite Marvel characters so my affinity to them is next to nil.

ChrisFL6 days ago

to add to that as I rode it this past week for the first time....it does physically turn you left or right and isn't gravity turning you in certain directions. For me, this, along with being mostly in the dark and some tight helixes and fast for being in those helixes made it pretty intense for me. I would be fine with the random direction changes you face if the coaster was about 10% slower, but it may just be me as I don't ride a lot of big coasters like I used to. I've also heard that if you try to turn your head to focus on the "story" scenes, the disorientation may be worse.

Br0ckford6 days ago

Yes. Very good explanation.

tparris6 days ago

(This post has slight ride spoilers for those who don’t want to know anything!) In terms of drops, there really aren’t any massive ones. It’s by far the smoothest coaster I’ve ever been on, and the best way to describe it is it basically feels like you’re “drifting” around. There’s a couple quick parts with some Gs due to the nature of the ride system, and there’s a large spiral helix during which you face inward towards the second half of the ride. In terms of the launch, it’s nowhere as intense as RnRC. If you’ve been on Expedition Everest, think of the backwards section where you’re in the dark going upwards quickly; that’s sort of what the most intense part of the launch feels like, except at the peak you do a 180 to face forward again. If you have any other questions, feel free ask me! (I’ve ridden Cosmic Rewind over 10 times lol)

Winter6 days ago

I was wondering, compared to other rides in the park, how "intense" (not sure of the best word here) is the Guardians ride? I'm going on it regardless, but my brother really likes guardians of the galaxy but doesn't like going on more intense rides (particularily if there are hills or drops), so I was wondering.

arich3511 days ago

Should we expect the VQ to still be there the rest of the year?

tommyhawkins11 days ago

i would not classify 3 and half years for a clone as decent

lazyboy97o15 days ago

Yes. Timeframes are relative and the pre-pandemic timeline for TRON was pretty decent.

DisneyDodo15 days ago