Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind construction update

Mar 19, 2021 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy construction - March 19 2021
Posted: Friday March 19, 2021 11:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

At EPCOT'S Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind this week, construction teams have been busy at the front of the building closing in the last remaining spaces in the exterior.

The upper section of the V-shaped front is now covered in plywood, with just a small section remaining to be covered in waterproofing material.

Still no further progress to see on the main roof of the building, and it remains unclear if any solar panels will return as we saw on the original Universe of Energy.

Disney is yet to announce an opening date for the Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster, but it is thought it will debut in 2022.

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wdwmagic9 days ago

Fair comments.

jagiord19 days ago

Yeah, the first time I rode it, I had absolutely no idea what was happening. The second time we were wasted, and somehow it was so much easier to follow? Maybe it's the pixie dust in the world showcase pours, but this ride was absolutely made for multiple rides.

networkpro10 days ago

Inexpensive since it doesn't trigger any original performance ASCAP licensing, just the music arrangement performance.

TwilightZone10 days ago

Just saw footage of "Run Run Rocket". Why? This is early 00s Disney bad.

Professortango110 days ago

Mission BO, the West Coast Guardians "attraction" has the same problem. All you can hear is music, people screaming, and the inaudible dialogue track muffled in the background.

Haymarket200810 days ago

100% It’ll benefit from repeat rides because it was such a sensory overload. That and the onboard audio was so quiet compared to the people yelling and the external audio.

DisDork200210 days ago

Felt the same way. I had no idea what was going on plot wise but I did notice that the coaster seats/wagons/rows?? were doing things I had never experienced before on a coaster while the train itself was flying down its track. Ultimately I think it's kind of difficult to have much plot coherence for a coaster because your body has so much other stimuli its taking on at the same time.

Haymarket200810 days ago

Finally had my chance to experience this attraction. The good: the physical coaster experience is stunning. Really inventive and unique. Not once did I feel queasy. The rest: In terms of theming….not gonna lie: it feels a little value engineered. Lots of plain walls with nothing on them. The space ship looks like it’s made out of plastic. No texture or depth. And the teleportation reveal was very underwhelming. It’s fine, but not this jaw dropping spectacle everyone is talking about. The ride experience is incoherent. I had no idea what I was looking at in terms of story. it is a space themed Rock n Roller Coaster with projections. Static cardboard sets in an empty warehouse with steel beams. Incredibly disappointed by that. The actual coaster ride is the star of the experience. And when looking at the Epcot attractions, I feel that you have to see how they connect to each other. That’s the story the park is telling, successful or not. Does this contribute in any meaningful way? Not at all. Not sure what the point is apart from “here’s a ride in space”. Genuinely concerned by people calling this the best ride Disney has ever made lol. Baffling statement. That being said: a GREAT coaster.

gorillaball11 days ago

Stagnate? it’s been open 6 months. 90% of guests going over the holidays will not have ridden it.

DisDork200211 days ago

As a first timer who just rode it today I can say that the music didn't matter because I was completely consumed by the physical experience. Fantastic ride.

DCLcruiser12 days ago

I thought it was terrible. So corny, and not in a good way. Just annoying. On topic, I’ll be at EPCOT on Wednesday!

Disney Analyst12 days ago

Slippery slope with TDO… Suddenly it turns into “it’s gonna be someone’s first trip, don’t shut down any rides ever, no overlays… let everything stagnate”.

ppete197512 days ago

I really enjoyed that special

lazyboy97o13 days ago

They should have done the song from the Holiday Special.